When a show is filling up, we put you on notice so you can plan ahead. Updated every Wednesday to meet all your FOMO needs. Most recent update: September 21 at 1 p.m. Our capacity for most main showroom events right now is 270, and our lounge seats up to 66.


Brian Simpson (September 22-24)

All the Friday and Saturday shows are past half sold, with the Saturday 7:00 show down to 100 tickets.


Nore Davis (September 22-24, lounge)

Thursday is half sold (30 tickets left) and Saturday's early show (7:00) has 18 tickets left.


Joe Clair's Comedy Brunch (September 25)

Right around 100 tickets left for this brunch show, with Joe, Jay Phillips, Talent and Paris Sashay.


Violating Community Guidelines (September 27)

Both shows on this night are sold out.


KFC Radio (September 29)

49 seats left for this one-night-only podcast taping.


All Fantasy Everything (October 2)

Sold out for this afternoon podcast taping.


Dave Attell (October 6-9)

Five of the seven shows are sold out. All we have available are Thursday 9:45 and Sunday 7:00 -- and there are only 70 seats left for that Sunday show.


That's Messed Up (October 16)

34 tickets left for this podcast taping.


Ali Siddiq (October 20-23)

The Saturday early show is sold out. 92 tickets left for Thursday, 79 for the Friday early show and 60 for the Saturday late show.


Hearththrob Live with Rob Anderson (November 1)

Early show is sold out. All that's left is 7 VIP tickets for the late show.


Christina P (November 3)

One night only! 95 tickets left for this Thursday show.


George Wallace (November 4-5)

Three headliners on this show: George Wallace, Myra J and J. Anthony Brown. The Saturday early show (6:00) is half sold.


Matteo Lane (November 6-8)

All six shows are sold out.


Pinky Patel (November 12)

Sold out for this matinee of the "Hello My Priends" tour.


Mo Amer (November 17-20)

Saturday's early show is sold out. 60 seats left for the Friday early show, 70 left for the Saturday late show, and around 110 left for Thursday.


Janelle James (December 1-3)

Sold out for the early shows on Friday and Saturday.