When a show is filling up, we put you on notice so you can plan ahead. Updated every Wednesday to meet all your FOMO needs. Most recent update: July 17 at noon. Our capacity for most main showroom events right now is 270, and our lounge seats 60-66 depending on the show.


Arnez J (July 18-21)

Sold out for both shows Saturday. Thursday 7:30 has 50 tickets left. Friday 7:00 has 80 tickets left, and Friday 9:15 has 30. Sunday 6:00 has 80 seats left.


Read the Room crowd work showcase (July 18, lounge)

Just 19 seats remaining (and tickets are only $10).


Stand-Up Showcase (July 19-20, lounge)

Both Saturday shows are sold out. Friday's late show (9:15 start) has 30 seats left.


Kid Fury (July 24-25)

Sold out!


Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet (August 1)

Around 110 seats left for this live-audience podcast recording.


Tony Rock (August 8-11)

Saturday 7:00 has 100 seats remaining, and Friday 7:30 is now half sold as well.


Josh Johnson (August 15-18)

Sold out!


Jason Cheny (August 23-25)

The Saturday early show (7:00) is now half sold.