When a show is filling up, we put you on notice so you can plan ahead. Updated every Wednesday to meet all your FOMO needs. Most recent update: September 27 at 7:45 p.m. Our capacity for most main showroom events right now is 270, and our lounge seats 60-66 depending on the show.


Steve Byrne (September 29-30)

Saturday 7:00 has around 100 tickets left.


Chinedu Unaka (September 28-30, lounge)

The Friday and Saturday early shows each have around 15 tickets left. The Friday and Saturday late shows each have around 25 tickets left.


Dave Attell (October 5-8)

Six original shows are sold out! But a Thursday 9:45 show was just added.


Irene Tu (October 12-14, lounge)

Seven seats left for Saturday 7:00. Twenty left for Friday 7:30. Half sold (33 seats left) for Thursday.


Christine "HappySlip" Gambito (October 15)

80 seats left for this family-friendly show.


Michael Yo (October 19)

Sold out!


Godfrey (October 26-29)

105 seats left for Saturday 7:00.


Melissa Villaseñor (November 2-4)

The Saturday 7:00 show has 110 seats left. Friday 7:30 has 125.


Esther Povitsky (November 5)

Rescheduled from September 28. The 7:00 show has about 25 seats remaining.


Sabrina Wu (November 17-19, lounge)

Half sold for Friday 7:30, Saturday 7:00 and Sunday 7:00.