When a show is filling up, we put you on notice so you can plan ahead. Updated every Wednesday to meet all your FOMO needs. Most recent update: December 6 at 2:30 p.m. Our capacity for most main showroom events right now is 270, and our lounge seats 60-66 depending on the show.


Festival of Laughs (December 7)

About half the tickets are gone for this Hanukkah comedy party.


Regalo de Risas (December 7, lounge)

Sold out!


Adam Ray (December 8-9)

Each Saturday show has around 70 tickets left. Each Friday show is around half sold.


Aminah Imani (December 8-10, lounge)

Friday 7:30 has 25 seats left.


Chris Redd (December 14-16)

The early shows on Friday and Saturday each have around 80 seats left. Saturday's late show is half sold.


Sam Morrison (December 15-16, lounge)

The Saturday early show is half sold.


Murder on 34th Street (December 21)

Around 100 tickets left for the holiday murder mystery comedy show from Die Laughing Productions.


Aries Spears (December 28-30)

The Thursday show and the Friday early show are half sold. Saturday 8:15 is down to 80 available seats.


Akaash Singh (January 18-20)

The Saturday early show has 6 seats left. Each Friday show has less than 65 seats left. Saturday 9:30 has 100 seats left. Thursday is half sold.


Kristin Key (January 21)

Sold out!


Emily Catalano (February 1-3, lounge)

The Friday 7:30 show has just 11 seats left. Saturday 7:00 is half sold.


Jay Pharoah (February 15-18)

The Saturday early show has 100 seats left.


David Nihill: Shelf Help Tour (March 6-7)

Thursday night (March 7) has around 90 seats left.


Morgan Jay (March 14-16)

Just 85 seats left for Saturday 7:00.


Ralph Barbosa (April 11-13)

Saturday night: 16 seats left for the 7:00 show. The 9:30 shows on both Friday and Saturday are more than half sold.