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Big Jay Oakerson

Big Jay Oakerson

April 27-30 / $17-$19

Over the airwaves or on the stage, Jay’s relentless confidence and amazing command can win over almost anyone. Known as a master of crowd work and dirty jokes, he specializes in honest and hilarious stories from his own rock-and-roll lifestyle. You can hear Jay on “The Bonfire” on Comedy Central’s SiriusXM channel, you can see him on “What’s Your F***ing Deal?” on Seeso, or (best of all) you can see him headline the DC Improv.

These shows also feature Justin Silver.

Five for Five

Five for Five Showcase

Five great comedians for just $5! With Rahmein Mostafavi, Chris White, John F. O'Donnell, Denise Taylor and one comic TBD.

April 28
Tony Perkins

The Tony Perkins Show podcast

Tony Perkins and Gary Stein record an episode of their hit podcast in front of a live DC Improv audience. Special guests: Sarah Fraser and Rob Maher.

April 29lounge

Comedy Boot Camp Graduation

Talented veterans and service members show off their newly developed stand-up comedy skills at this graduation show and fundraiser. All ticketing is through ASAP.

May 2
Bruce Bruce

Bruce Bruce

Tickets available for Thursday 7:30, Friday 7 and Sunday 7. BET, HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, Top Five, Maron. Featuring Lamont King.

May 4-7
Tom Papa

Tom Papa

On Mother’s Day weekend, bring your mama to Papa! "Come to Papa" on SiriusXM, Epix, "Boom!", Netflix, The Tonight Show. Featuring Stavros Halkias.

May 11-13

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