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Judah Friedlander

Judah Friedlander

April 16-19

Saturday shows SOLD OUT! Sunday tickets still available.

Special event! You might be asking, "What is Judah the world champion of?" Everything. If the '27 Yankees and the '95 Bulls had a baby with Bruce Lee, Judah would easily defeat that baby in ping-pong. Whatever human endeavor you can think of, he's the best at it. And before you bring it up, we realize that he was eaten by a shark in "Sharknado 2." That doesn't mean that Judah isn't the world champion of shark fighting. It just proves that Judah is the world champion of acting -- because he could easily dispatch any animal by using his world-champion martial arts skills. You may remember Judah's acting from the show "30 Rock," and he's also in the upcoming Netflix "Wet Hot American Summer" series.

It's rare to get close to such greatness, so we invite you to join us at the DC Improv April 16-19. Judah is a people's champion, so he graciously will be doing his championship-caliber stand-up comedy. He also shakes hands and poses for pictures after the show, because he's the world champion of friendliness. Bask in the glory.

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