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Sommore: All shows sold out

All five shows with Sommore (Sept. 30-Oct. 2) are sold out.

Dave Siegel

Dave Siegel

America's Got Talent, CNN, ABC, Comedy Central

Sept. 30-Oct. 1lounge

Judah Friedlander

October 6-8 / $20

On the comedy stage, Judah is The World Champion. He is the best athlete in the world, greatest martial artist, the sexual desire of every woman, and a role model to children. Let’s face it, Judah is the greatest comedian in the world… And the most humble. Judah is an extra-dark black belt in karate.

The Montgomery County native is one of the most original and memorable comedians working today, and he always brings something new to the stage. (You might hear about his 2016 presidential campaign.) Treat yourself to a championship-caliber night.

Kumite Champions

October 9 / $17

Showtime 7 p.m. (doors at 6)

A one-night stand-up tournament featuring some of the top talent from the DMV comedy scene. The Improv runs "kumite" tournaments every few months in our lounge showroom. Each contest features eight local comedians, with the crowd cheering one of them on to victory.

Now we're taking the winners from those past shows and holding a "tournament of champions" in our main showroom. So this is the best of the best, fighting for the title of Grand Champion. (And don't worry, if you HAVE to watch the debate, we'll be done before 9.) Featuring Natalie McGill, Sean Savoy, Wendy Wroblewski, Rahmein Mostafavi, Matty Litwack, Jamel Johnson, Russ Green and Lafayette Wright. Hosted by Dylan Meyer.

Romane and Lettuce

Romane and Lettuce

Jokes with a groove. Avant-garde musical comedy from Jamel Johnson, Romane Walters, Jono Allen and Devin Campbell

October 7lounge

The Hodgetwins

The YouTube stars come to the DC Improv!

October 12-13special event
Lavell Crawford

Lavell Crawford

Tickets available for Saturday 4 p.m. All other shows sold out. Last Comic Standing, Breaking Bad, Meet the Blacks, American Ultra

October 14-16special event


A DC native! HBO, Comedy Central, BET, Everybody Hates Chris

October 21-22special event

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