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Jake Johannsen

Jake Johannsen

May 21-24 / $15-$17

3/26 podcast: Jake talks about Letterman

5/19 podcast: Feature act Rahmein Mostafavi

Back in March, Jake did a set on David Letterman's talk show for the 46th time. He has the record for a reason. Yes, Jake has compromising photos of Paul Shaffer.

We kid. Jake became a Letterman favorite (and a DC Improv favorite) by being one of the most consistently creative stand-ups on the planet. Some comics barely change their act from year to year, but Jake keeps finding hilarious, quirky angles to tackle even the most ordinary topics. Some fans come to see Jake at the Improv every single year -- it's like catching up with an old friend who is much, much funnier than you. If you love the art of stand-up, you gotta see Jake live.

Also on the show: DC-area favorite Rahmein Mostafavi!

Amir K

Amir K

"Jerks With Cameras," "The Pyramid," "Argo"

May 22-23lounge
Corey Holcomb

Corey Holcomb

"The Wedding Ringer," "Think Like a Man Too," "Black Jesus"

May 29-31special event

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