New podcast! (2/26)

Wanna play a game? We've got a trivia spectacular with Jared Stern. Get a high score and you might win tickets to the Improv!

Bill Bellamy

Bill Bellamy

Feb. 27 - March 1

Five shows are sold out! Tickets available for the Sunday late show (10:30 start).

SPECIAL EVENT. Bill's a young guy, but he's been in the game for a long time. He worked for MTV when they still played videos, and he's even credited with inventing the term "booty call." He's got a magnetic personality, which is why he's in high demand as a host -- he's currently at the helm of "Let's Ask America," and you saw him running the show on "Last Comic Standing" a few years ago.

Now you can see him take over our stage. The Ladies Night Out tour features Bill's hand-picked all-star lineup. He's been making his way around the country with Jay Reid, D'Lai and Ali Siddiq, and now they're bringing the heat to Washington. Friday and Saturday are sold out, and Sunday is heading that way -- don't wait too long!

Jason Weems

Jason Weems

Early show is SOLD OUT. Tickets available for 10:30. A DC/Baltimore favorite headlines our lounge. Featuring Danny Rouhier, Chris White and Kandace Saunders.

Comedy School

Comedy School Showcase

SOLD OUT. Graduates of our stand-up class return to the Improv stage!


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