DC IMPROV | Comedy Club, Restaurant, Bar, School N.W. Washington D.C.

All 11 shows with Michael Blackson (May 23-26) are sold out.

DMV Showcase

DMV Showcase

May 24 / $17

Lounge showroom. Featuring Von Mychael, Kenny DeForest, Eagle Witt, Denise Taylor, Naomi Karavani.


ComedySportz Improv

May 25 @ 7:30 / $15

Lounge showroom. Interactive comedy with the famous ComedySportz troupe. All ages welcome.

Late Night Improv

Late Night Improv

May 25 @ 9:45 / $15

Lounge showroom. ComedySportz players stick around for the freewheeling improv of "The Blue Show" in our lounge. Ages 18 and up.

Worst Case Scenario

Story District presents Worst Case Scenario

May 28 / $20

A six-month competitive storytelling series showcasing the best "worst" stories. The theme for May: Worst Mistake.

Greg Proops

Greg Proops

May 31 - June 1 / $20

Whose Line is it Anyway, The Smartest Man in the World, Comedy Central, Just For Laughs. Hear Greg on our podcast (5.1.19)

Wil Sylvince

Wil Sylvince

May 31 - June 1 / $17-$20

Lounge showroom. HBO, Comedy Central, Showtime, Chappelle's Show writer. With Aminah Imani and Adrian Rodney.

Greg Proops

The Smartest Man in the World: Live Proopcast

June 2 / $20

A live "proopcast" recording starring the great Greg Proops, as seen on "Whose Line" and more.

The June 2 lounge show with Dhaya Lakshminarayanan is sold out.

The Overachievers

The Overachievers Comedy Show

June 6 / $10-$20

Hosted by Martin Amini, with sounds by DJ Bo. The June show features Cerrome Russell, Brian Parise and Stavros Halkias.

Mo Amer

Mo Amer

June 7-9 / $25-$35

DC Improv debut! "The Vagabond" on Netflix, "Ramy" on Hulu, Dave Chappelle tours. With David Angelo and Martin Amini. Hear Mo on our podcast (5.22.19)

Doug Benson

Doug Benson

June 8 @ 4:20 / $22

Special event! Stand-up from the star of Getting Doug With High and more.

Doug Benson

Doug Loves Movies

June 9 @ 4:20 / $22

Doug Benson once again returns to the Improv stage to record an episode of his hit podcast. Bring a name tag!