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One the best parts about running a comedy club is that we get to talk to a ton of funny people. Whenever comedians sit down to chat with us, you can listen in for free on The Other Side.

The most recent episodes are below. To browse the full archives of The Other Side, check out our Libsyn page.

Ian Edwards (2.5.20)

Ian Edwards has Valentine's weekend duty at the DC Improv -- his first time headlining the club! So we're calling ahead to get to know him. Finding out about his love of soccer, his approach to romance, some of his writing plans and plenty more. Have a listen, then get your tickets for Feb. 13-16 ...


Steve Byrne (1.29.20)

We know Steve Byrne is a great stand-up -- he's headlining our club February 20-22. But the last few years he's been honing his director skills. His first project was a documentary about the great comedic magician The Amazing Johnathan. And now he has put the finishing touches on "The Opening Act," a film he wrote about a young performer pondering a life in show business. Steve calls in to give us the back story on that project, his on-the-job training as a director and (for good measure) some thoughts on his latest hour of stand-up.


Fahim Anwar (12.20.19)

Sure, Fahim Anwar is an accomplished multi-platform comedian. But did you know he can DANCE? On this episode of The Other Side, we ask him about his BFAB status. And then, because it's our job, we ask him about comedy too: How his training as an engineer helps him approach the entertainment business; whether Goatface will rise again to produce more sketch comedy; and sorting out what it means to be a brown comic in 2019. Have a listen, get to know him, then come see his DC Improv debut, January 23-26.


Kiran Deol (12.18.19)

A lot of impressive people come to the DC Improv, but it's hard to top Kiran Deol -- how many stand-ups have starred in a network sitcom AND filmed a documentary in the mountains of Nepal? The "Sunnyside" star calls in to chat about the holidays, her path to comedy, the joys of being on (the side of) a bus and lots more. Get to know her, then snag tickets for her DCI debut -- January 10-11 in our lounge showroom.


Adam Ray (11.27.19)

Adam will be our last 2019 headliner and the star of our New Year's Eve celebration. But the rest of his resume ain't too shabby: He's a flying unicorn, an NBA star (sort of), a movie star, a veteran podcaster and a karaoke champion. He calls in to talk about all these things -- so listen, get to know him, then snag your tickets for the last week of the year. You won't regret it.


Jessica Kirson (11.20.19)

Jessica Kirson is about to have a great December. Comedy Central releases her first comedy special on December 6 -- and then she comes to DC for a supershow on the last night of Hanukkah (December 30). She's calling in to chat about those projects, plus her new documentary on women in comedy. Catch up with one of our favorite performers ...


Nathan Macintosh (10.7.19)

Nathan Macintosh built a comedy career in two countries -- first his native Canada, and now the United States. A few weeks before his DC Improv debut, he calls in to talk about "positive anger," his high-energy style and what put him on the path to comedy. Plus a guest appearance by Nathan's chihuahua. Have a listen, then get your tickets to see Nathan on November 8-9.


Michael Rapaport (10.1.19)

You've seen Michael Rapaport: He's been in 60 movies, popped up in tons of television shows and worked as a sports broadcaster. But even with all that success, now he's stretching his legs as a stand-up comedian. In some ways, it's a return to his roots -- and he tells us all about it in this interview. Have a listen, then get your tickets to see him October 4-6.


Daniel Weingarten (9.24.19)

Daniel Weingarten is half Mexican, half Argentinian, all Jewish and all funny. He calls in to tell us about his journey from a self-professed "annoying kid" to an accomplished stage performer -- including some of the bumps on that road (like his rap phase). Plus we sing the praises of "I Love Lucy," and get a great story about doing stand-up in Spanish. Have a listen, then get your tickets to see him in our lounge October 18-19.


Margaret Cho (9.13.19)

Margaret Cho is on the program! The comedy icon stops by to tell us about her latest project, The Margaret Cho podcast on the Earios network. We're talking about her goals as an interviewer, why she came back to podcasting, her dream guests, and what she looks for in up-and-coming comedians. Plus we sneak in one "Masked Singer" question at the end. Have a listen to this interview, then go check out The Margaret Cho podcast.


Erin Foley (9.12.19)

Erin loves doing stand-up, but she's over the moon about women's sports. Her "Sports Without Balls" podcast has been picking up steam in 2019, as she gets great athletes, journalists and more to share their stories. We're talking about her "rebranded" podcast, her approach to stand-up comedy and more ... have a listen, then get your tickets to see her headline our lounge showroom September 27 and 28.


Brad Williams (8.30.19)

Brad Williams (headlining Labor Day weekend) is in studio! We're talking about his impending fatherhood, comedy culture in 2019, his wrestling skills and lots more. A great chat with a VERY funny guy. Have a listen then get your tickets .....


Rahmein Mostafavi (5.29.19)

Rahmein Mostafavi gives us the scoop on two of his projects: the wildly popular "Couples Therapy: A Comedy Show" and his multi-night album recording this July. Can one comedian solve ALL the world's romantic problems? For sales purposes, we're willing to say: YES! Listen to this interview with a DC Improv favorite, then check out his shows.


Mo Amer (5.22.19)

Once a refugee, now a world-famous comedian: Mo Amer has been on a journey that's both inspiring and hilarious. Before making his DC Improv headlining debut (June 7-9), he calls in to share his story. We talk about his role on the breakthrough Hulu sitcom "Ramy," how winding up in Houston helped him as an artist, the advice he gets from Dave Chappelle, and some timely summer travel tips. Have a listen, then get your tickets.


Die Laughing Productions / Rob Maher (5.15.19)

Rob Maher is in studio to take us behind the scenes at Die Laughing Productions. Their murder mystery comedy shows have been a hit at the Improv over the last several years -- and they're back July 21 with "Hit Me '90s One More Time." Rob explains how the company got off the ground, what goes into producing a murder mystery show, and shares some of the highlights from past performances. Have a listen ... then assemble your Scooby gang to to solve a murder July 21.


Paul Virzi (5.8.19)

Paul Virzi (our headliner May 16-19) talks about his great comedy year: taping his first TV special, reaching a podcasting milestone and collaborating with stand-up giants. Plus we get insights into his early days on the "urban" scene, what it's like to play Madison Square Garden (!) and why he prioritizes work/life balance. Get to know Paul, then get your tickets to see him at the club.


Greg Proops (5.1.19)

We're catching up with the great Greg Proops before he comes to town for shows May 31 - June 2. Greg is never afraid to share his opinions -- so we're talkin' baseball, feminism, the art of political comedy, and his place in the Star Wars universe. (Among other things.) Get your sample of one of the liveliest minds in comedy, then snag your tickets at


Tony Roberts (4.26.19)

One of our favorite guests is back! Tony Roberts headlines the club April 26-28, and he stopped in Friday morning to talk about his family, his tattoos, his ground-breaking documentary projects and his rap album. Never a dull moment with Tony ....


Tim Dillon (3.18.19)

Tim Dillon chats with us a few weeks before headlining the main showroom April 4-6. He's just your typical real estate guy / "Sesame Street" extra / bus tour guide / conspiracy enthusiast. Listen to this very animated 30 minutes then get your tickets ...


Jenny Johnson (3.6.19)

Jenny Johnson headlines our lounge showroom March 15-16, so she's calling in to introduce herself. We're talking about her Texas roots, her past work in TV news, and how she climbed to Twitter fame (@JennyJohnsonHi5). Plus we're getting a little behind-the-scenes info on what it takes to be a drunk historian.


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