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Hot Tickets

Hot Ticket Report

When a show is more than half full, we put you on notice so you can plan ahead. Updated every Wednesday to meet all your FOMO needs. The main showroom is 285 seats for most events, and the lounge is 60-64 seats.

Last updated October 23, 2019, at 12:01 a.m.

Rod Man

Rod Man

October 24-27 / $27

Saturday's early show is full and we have about 90 tickets left for the Saturday late show.

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy: A Comedy Show

October 24 / $15

Lounge showroom. 10 tickets left for Rahmein Mostafavi's monthly series.

Tony Woods

Tony Woods & Friends

October 25-26/ $20

Lounge showroom. Saturday is sold out. 19 tickets left for the Friday 7:30, and 25 left for Friday 9:45.

Halloween Whodunit

Murder Mystery Comedy Show

October 31 / $22

About 110 seats left for this Halloween night show.

Cindy Kaza

Medium Cindy Kaza

October 31 / $30

Lounge showroom. SOLD OUT.

Nicole Byer

Nicole Byer

November 1-3 / $25-$45

There is one ticket left for Nicole, and it's a VIP ticket for the Sunday 9:30 show. That's it.

Bill Bellamy

Bill Bellamy

November 7-10 / $30-$35

74 tickets left for Saturday 7:00, and then 130 left for Saturday 9:30.

Nikki Glaser

Nikki Glaser

November 21-23 / $25-$50

Sold out for Saturday. On Thursday and Friday, each show has between 95 and 105 seats left.

Desi Banks

Desi Banks

November 24 / $27-$40

120 tickets left for this DC Improv debut.

Donnell Rawlings

Donnell Rawlings

Nov. 29 - Dec. 1 / $30-$35

Saturday's late show (9:30) is just past half full.