August 1
Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet
main room / live podcast taping / special event
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About the Show

Price: $38 GA, $48 - $53 reserved seating

When: Thursday 7:30

Spotlight: "Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet" is a comedy podcast featuring dramatic readings of one-star reviews, written by real people with not-so-real problems. Whether it's a bar's "no-throw-up policy," a nude beach with too much nudity, or a school psychologist's fashion sense, reviewers complain about it all. Prepare for equal amounts laughter and eye-rolling as siblings Xandy and Christine read reviews of local hotspots. They nobly delve into the cesspools of Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other review sites to find you the best of the worst.

Featuring: Xandy and Christine

About the Comics

Beach Too Sandy

Is your beach too sandy? Water too wet? Ice too cold? More importantly, do you feel like yelling about it on the internet? We’re here to help. "Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet" features dramatic readings of one-star reviews written by people who just need to have their voice heard.