July 31
Homeless Fireparty's "last" show
lounge / sketch comedy
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About the Show


Price: $10

When: Sunday 7:00

Spotlight: Homeless Fireparty is a DC-based comedy troupe specializing in the absurd and delightful. And for their "last" show, they're going out with a bang! They've rustled up a legendary assortment of mind-blowing videos, fast-paced character sketches, and intimate interactive live bits to tickle your most personal comedy fancies. It's your "last" chance to "bid" "farewell" to the HF "boys" at Homeless Fireparty's "last" show!

Featuring: TBA


About the Comics

Homeless Fireparty

Homeless Fireparty is a DC sketch group who performs their signature blend of absurd characters, sketches, and videos across the District’s finest stages. Their comedy focuses on being funny. Currently, they are considering changing their name based on occasional feedback from YouTube's Community Guidelines. If you have a suggestion for a name for a three-person experimental comedy group, please have your people contact our people @homeless_fireparty.