May 9
Charlene Kaye: Tiger Daughter
lounge / special event
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About the Show

Price: $25

When: Thursday 7:30

Spotlight: Tiger Daughter is a new solo show by actor and musician Charlene Kaye (Succession, Starkid, SNL) about what happens when you rebel against your immigrant Chinese Tiger Mom’s dreams of you playing Carnegie Hall by time you’re 12, and instead become her worst nightmare: a slutty shredder in an all girl Guns N’ Roses cover band called Guns N’ Hoses (with the slogan “Welcome to the Vajungle!”) Your Tiger Mom then has to watch the nightmare version of the American Dream she envisioned for her firstborn daughter play out in front of her eyes…while also stomaching the fact that her ultimate dream was to be a famous musician herself. The show is an unhinged, shocking and deeply felt journey exploring the tension between Charlene and her mother, Lily, as Lily offers unsolicited advice on how Charlene should live her life, and Charlene fights for her mother’s respect as an Asian American rock star—carrying inherited baggage along the way. It’s a story about how we endlessly misunderstand each other, eventually asking the question: Do we need to understand people in order to love them?

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About the Comics

Charlene Kaye

Charlene Kaye (@charlenekaye) is a musician, actor and comedian born in Honolulu and based in New York. Since 2009 she has released several critically acclaimed albums, EPs and music videos directed by her sister, filmmaker Liann Kaye. She has toured internationally alongside acts such as Arctic Monkeys, alt-J and St. Vincent. Kaye will appear in the upcoming movie RON starring Margaret Cho, has played SNL with Coldplay dressed as an alien, and appeared for two seconds in Succession, which she tells anybody who will listen. Kaye hosts a podcast called Golden Hour with Charlene Kaye which spotlights musicians of Asian descent.

Her music video for her song “Closer Than This” led Rolling Stone to hail her as “a fully realized pop goddess,” and led her mother to rate the video 0 out of 5 stars.