December 29 - 31
Cerrome Russell
lounge / new year's eve weekend
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New Year's Eve: The 7:30 show is $35 per person. Everyone in attendance also gets a free pass for a 2024 show at the DC Improv. The 10:15 "countdown" show is $75 per person. The ticket includes admission, a champagne toast at midnight, a fruit / cheese / cracker plate and party favors. Each person in attendance also gets a free pass for a 2024 show at the DC Improv.

About the Show

Price: $22 Friday and Saturday, $35-$75 New Year's Eve. New Year's Even tickets include one pass for free admission in 2024.

When: Friday 7:30 and 9:45, Saturday 6 and 8:30, New Year's Eve 7:30 and 10:15 (countdown show)

Spotlight: Cerrome Russell has been a regular on the DC Improv stage since 2016. The Georgia native and Marine Corps vet serves up comedy in many varieties, including off-center, truthful, and of course, country. In summer 2023 he won our three-day Comedy Kumite XL stand-up competition -- and now he closes out the year headlining our lounge!

Featuring: Alex Castagne, Jamal Russell

About the Comics

Cerrome Russell (official site), born and raised in Sumter County, Ga., started his comedy career while serving in the United States Marine Corps. He was first exposed to a broader audience as a cast member on the 2nd Season of BET’s popular prank show Hell Date. He has traveled extensively, performing at college campuses and military installations worldwide, as well as opening for Hannibal Burress. Cerrome Russell’s comedy comes in many varieties, including Off-Center, Truthful, and of course, Country. Follow him on Twitter at @CerromeRussell. Cerrome won Comedy Kumite 9.1 and 9.2 (spring 2017) at the DC Improv, Kumite 31 (Veterans Day 2021) and a Tournament of Champions (fall 2017). In summer 2023 he became the Comedy Kumite XL champ, winning a 24-person, 3-day tournament event.

Alex Castagne

Alex Castagne is a standup comedian based out of New York City. Alex has been doing standup since the age of 18, and since then had performed in comedy clubs such as the DC improv, Richmond Funny Bone (where he is a 3x winner of Clash of the Comics), Levity Live, the Charlotte Comedy Zone, and more. Alex has worked with nationally touring headliners like Mark Normand, Sam Morril, Michael Rapaport, and a guy who had a puppet. Alex’s epic sense of humor and non threatening body puts audiences at ease and makes for a great night out. Alex won Comedy Kumite 35.1 (fall 2022) at the DC Improv, and he was a finalist at Comedy Kumite XL (summer 2023).

Jamal Russell

Jamal Russell is a D.C. based comedian who has been doing comedy for six years. Jamal has performed at the Ice House in L.A., Caroline's on Broadway, the Milwaukee comedy festival, the Motor City comedy festival and the Boston comedy festival. Jamal won Comedy Kumite 32 (winter 2022) at the DC Improv, and he was a finalist at Comedy Kumite XL (summer 2023).