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Smooth Criminal

Murder Mystery Comedy Show

Join us for "Smooth Criminal," a murder mystery musical tribute to the King of Pop from Die Laughing Productions. Starring Justin Schegel, Rob Maher, Tommy Sinbazo, Franqi French, Erik Woodworth and maybe you.

April 11


We've had a lot of people "kill" on our stage over the years, but at this show, we're asking the audience to solve a murder. "Smooth Criminal" is put on by Die Laughing Productions, which has been bringing great murder mystery comedy shows to the Improv since 2016. This show is both a murder mystery AND a tribute to the King of Pop. If that's not a thriller, nothing is.


Who’s BAD? Die Laughing Productions is back and badder than ever. From the people who brought you “A Merry Murder Mystery” and “Halloween Whodunit” comes “SMOOTH CRIMINAL”, a murder mystery musical tribute to the King of Pop.

You’re at the final audition to see who will become the lead singer of the world’s greatest Michael Jackson tribute band, The Smooth Criminals. Unfortunately, the auditions take a Dangerous turn and someone drops dead.

"Smooth Criminal" stars 98 Rock’s Justin Schlegel as well as comedians Rob Maher, Tommy Sinbazo, Franqi French and Erik Woodworth. But most importantly, this is an interactive show with audience roles available…and everyone gets to guess who the killer is. It could even be the man (or woman) in the mirror.

Eat. Drink. Laugh. Solve a Murder. See you. April 11.