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Halloween Whodunit

Murder Mystery Comedy Show

Halloween Whodunit returns! Treat yourself to the latest show by Die Laughing Productions, starring Rob Maher, Sean Gabbert, Tommy Sinbazo and maybe you.

October 31


We've had a lot of people "kill" on our stage over the years, but at this show, we're asking the audience to solve a murder. "Halloween Whodunit" is put on by Die Laughing Productions, which has been bringing great murder mystery comedy shows to the Improv since 2016. This show is a lot of fun, and it's your chance to avoid staying home handing out candy to ungrateful teenagers all night. Win-win.


Be afraid. Be very afraid. Die Laughing Productions is back and ready to scare up some laughs with Halloween Whodunit. You're on the set of a horror movie titled: The Friday the 13th After Next. Things take a horrific turn and the movie set becomes a crime scene. Lights, camera, Murder! You will see dead people.

Halloween Whodunit stars DC Improv favorites, Rob Maher, Sean Gabbert, Tommy Sinbazo and most importantly, you the audience. This is an interactive spooky spectacular. One of you might even be the killer. Showing up dressed as your favorite ghoul or goblin is encouraged as are tricks and treats.

Eat. Drink. Laugh. Solve a Murder. See you October 31.