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Comedy Kumite!

Comedy Kumite XIII

The lucky 13th edition of the world's greatest stand-up tournament. With Pearl Rose, Lafayette Wright, Chelsea Shorte, Pat Riley, Tok Moffat, Brittany Carney, Matty Litwack and Jimmy Meritt ... RUMBLE!

March 31lounge


Every few months, the Improv brings eight great DMV comics together for a one-night stand-up tournament. Each "match" has two comics doing five-minute sets, and the audience chooses one person to advance. At the end of the night, we have a champion ... and the audience ALWAYS wins.

The lineup for March 31: Pearl Rose, Lafayette Wright, Chelsea Shorte, Pat Riley, Tok Moffat, Brittany Carney, Matty Litwack and Jimmy Meritt.


Pearl Rose 

Pearl Rose is a Washington, DC-based comedian. Originally from Minnesota, Pearl is a regular host at DC comedy clubs, opening for national headliners such as Joe List, Carmen Lynch, and Jon Dore. Pearl has also performed at several comedy festivals.

Lafayette Wright 

Lafayette Wright’s obsessions with art and expression fuel who he is both onstage and off. He has spent close to a decade honing his skills on the DC Comedy scene, and he now has a razor sharp act and undeniable onstage likability. See a clip on YouTube.

Matty Litwack 

Matty Litwack is a weird young stand up comedian and writer. He was once a physics PhD student, but dropped out when he realized it was super boring. Matty’s writing has been published in the Washington Post, New Zealand Herald, and Scientific American. He has also performed at many comedy festivals, such as the Limestone Festival, Laughing Skull Festival, Bentzen Ball, and San Francisco Sketchfest. In 2014, Matty was a finalist in the Boston Comedy Festival and was the winner of the Devil Cup in New York City. Matty has also appeared on Fox’s “Laughs” and on National Geographic Channel’s “Crowd Control”. See a clip on YouTube.

Brittany Carney 

Brittany Carney is a stand-up comedian based in Washington, DC. She is a producer of the comedic lecture series Fale University, and a repeat guest comic on the variety satire Church Night DC. Other highlight experiences include 202 Comedy Festival, Nerdist's Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction Live, and Don't Block the Box. See a clip on YouTube.

Jimmy Meritt 

Because he’s amazing at comedy, Jimmy Meritt spent four years as a nationally touring college act, performing in hundreds of college shows over forty six states. In addition to these live shows, you also might have seen him perform comedy on the PBS Show “The Truth About Money”. He also co-stars in the horror/comedy “America’s Most Haunted”, one of the top 50 most pirated movies online.

Chelsea Shorte 

Originally from Richmond, Va., Chelsea Shorte discovered comedy as a way to stave off the boredom of being a beautiful twenty-something. Since first taking the stage as a stand up and improviser, she has flourished and has further applied her creative drive to storytelling, podcasting, sketch writing, acting, and drag performance. Her stand up material ranges from riffs on the low bar for allyship to dating or even pythons in the Everglades. Check her out as a co-host of the Tagg Nation podcast, Listen to some of her stories and stand up at

Tok Moffat 

He hails from South Africa, but Tok Moffat is not your stereotypical African. Growing up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, attending Catholic schools and working with extremely anti-social engineers, he was driven to pursue his passion of making people laugh. Tok uses his witty, introspective style to share his experiences growing up as the “weird” foreign kid, and sounding like Carlton Banks, among other challenges.

Pat Riley 

Pat Riley is a standup comedian, voiceover artist, sketch writer performer, and DC native with a knack for pointing out the absurd. In addition to being chosen to perform at the Capital Fringe Festival and Charm City Comedy Festival, Pat has worked with headliners such as Mike Britt, Kevin Downey Jr., Judah Friedlander, Jake Johannsen, Bobby Lee, Loni Love, and John Witherspoon - and he will continue to do so if you let him.