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Comedy Kumite 19

The world's greatest comedy competition! Eight great DMV comics battle in an one-night stand-up tournament. With Ty Davis, Jared Stern, Kevin Seefried, Matt Brown, Tim Miller, Shahryar, Blaire Postman and Chelsea Shorte. RUMBLE!

March 9lounge


Every few months, the Improv brings eight great DMV comics together for a one-night stand-up tournament. Each "match" has two comics doing five-minute sets, and the audience chooses one person to advance. At the end of the night, we have a champion ... and the audience ALWAYS wins.

The lineup for March 9: Ty Davis, Jared Stern, Kevin Seefried, Matt Brown, Tim Miller, Shahryar, Blaire Postman and Chelsea Shorte.


Chelsea Shorte 

Originally from Richmond, Va., Chelsea Shorte discovered comedy as a way to stave off the boredom of being a beautiful twenty-something. Since first taking the stage as a stand up and improviser, she has flourished and has further applied her creative drive to storytelling, podcasting, sketch writing, acting, and drag performance. Her stand up material ranges from riffs on the low bar for allyship to dating or even pythons in the Everglades. Check her out as a co-host of the Tagg Nation podcast, Listen to some of her stories and stand up at

Kevin Seefried 

Kevin Seefried is a comedian and writer who splits his time between Washington, D.C. and Brooklyn, NY. He has performed in more than 20 states and the District of Columbia, including appearances at numerous festivals including the Brooklyn, Boston, and Blue Whale Comedy Festivals.


Shahryar has been performing stand-up for 15 years. He's a regular at the DC Improv and other shows, venues, and events around DC and the rest of the U.S. He's been featured in the Washington Post and Voice of America. In the Washington DC Funniest Fed contest, he was a semi-finalist and The Washington Post’s online favorite in 2007. And in the 2009 one, he was runner-up. He was also a selectee in the annual prestigious Great American Comedy Festival (also known as the Johnny Carson Comedy Festival) in 2013.

Ty Davis 

Ty Davis is based in Baltimore. Originally born in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, she traveled often and had to adapt and make friends quickly. Her bubbly personality made her the perfect social butterfly that enjoyed making people laugh and smile. In 2001, after her mother retired, they moved to Baltimore where she started her comedic career in 2014. She has worked with some of the industry’s top comedians at The Arena Players, one of the oldest historically African-American community theaters. She is the host of The Morning After Show on DTLR Radio Monday through Friday, and you can also see her bringing the funny on season three of "Hart of the City" on Comedy Central.

Blaire Postman 

Blaire Postman is a high energy, down-the-rabbit-hole stand-up comedian with no chill. Her unexpected material includes tales of living with recovering alcoholics and the history of Super Bowl half time shows. She is also producer & co-host of My Fantasy Wife, the weekly sports meets comedy meets pop culture podcast, now in its fourth year; is producer & co-host of three on-going shows in DC and her written work has been featured in WICF Daily.

Jared Stern 

Jared Stern has been making complete strangers laugh at him for over a decade. From humble beginnings at a hole-in-the-wall club in Baltimore, he is now the most humble person in the world, not that he’s one to brag about it. He was recently told that his comedy was “top drawer”, which is where he keeps his socks and underwear, so that makes sense. During his career he has performed with the likes of Judah Friedlander, Richard Lewis, Tom Arnold, John Witherspoon, and Caroline Rhea.

Matt Brown 

Matt Brown is a comedian from Baltimore who started his comedy career at 19. He is a regular at Magooby’s Joke House and the Baltimore Comedy Factory. He has opened for comedians Tom Segura, Tony Woods, Tommy Johnagin, Michael Winslow and more.

Tim Miller 

Tim D. Miller is a master at engaging audiences and crafting a stand-up set that is a guaranteed good time for all. Tim’s material is based on his life experience from Waco to the White House, trying to raise a daughter, and his unique ability to find the funny in everyday life. See a clip on YouTube.