ComedySportz Online (May 30) | Main Showroom


ComedySportz Online (all ages)

July 9 @ 7:30 p.m. / $5

Enjoy the interactive comedy of the famous ComedySportz troupe, at home with your family! All ages welcome.


TICKET SALES STOP AT 6:50 THE NIGHT OF THE SHOW. This show will be presented using the Zoom video conferencing service. Ticketholders will be sent an e-mail 30 minutes before showtime with instructions on how to log in to watch the show.

This is an "all ages" show, suitable for children. Run time is approximately one hour. ComedySportz is famous for offering clean improv comedy -- the performers battle for laughs as they make up scenes, songs and jokes on the spot. It's not a comedy show ABOUT sports, it's the comedy show that IS a sport -- similar to what you've seen on "Whose Line."

Now, for the second time ever, ComedySportzDC is taking its show on the digital road! Watch with your kids as the players beam their games straight into your living room. They'll be taking your suggestions online -- and a few audience volunteers might even get to pop up on screen to join in.

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ComedySportz is a fast-paced improvisational comedy show. Performers battle for laughs and points as they make up scenes and songs on the spot. The audience sends in suggestions and cheers for winners. It's not a comedy show ABOUT sports, it's the comedy show that IS a sport.

CSz understands that comedy can be enjoyed by people of all ages without having to be offensive -- that's why all shows under the ComedySportz banner are "clean."

And remember that each show is different. We play new games with new audience suggestions every time. You could see a million shows and never see the same show twice.