The Entrepreneur CEO Stand Up Challenge | Main Showroom

Matt Kazam

The Entrepreneur CEO
Stand Up Challenge

Host Matt Kazam brings 7 entrepreneurs and CEOs to the club -- where "a Ted Talk meets a stand-up comedy show." Proceeds will benefit Hope to Haiti.

August 13
  • Price: $20
  • Showtimes: Monday 7:30 (doors 6:30)
  • Featuring: Hosted by Matt Kazam
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Las Vegas Headliner & Humor Scientist Matt Kazam set out to find 7 high level entrepreneurs and CEO’s and put them through a 6-week intensive growth experience where each would learn how to write and perform stand up comedy. Drawing from their incredible stories of life lived, business built, success, failure and everything in between, each performer will be taking the stage in what can only be described as a Ted Talk meets a Stand-Up Comedy show. The power of story and humor will be on full display as Matt Kazam hosts this one of a kind show. Proceeds will benefit Hope To Haiti.

With Joe Fuld, Trey Weis, Abbey Sparks, Kevin Conner, Peggy Pierakkos, Chris Haney and Kirk Drake.