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Main Showroom

Events in our 285-seat main showroom. You SHOULD go to all of them, but we're cool if you only make it to half.

Porkchop Volcano

Porkchop Volcano Online

February 27 @ 8 p.m. / $5

One of DC's favorite short-form improv troupes beams into your home via Zoom video conferencing. With Anna Bethel, Conor O'Rourke and Matt Stephan.

Jive Turkey

Jive Turkey & Friends Online

February 28 / $5

Long-form improv team Jive Turkey (Chris Ulrich, Joe Randazzo) and some of their favorite troupes perform via Zoom!

The Jacksons

Erin Jackson and Mia Jackson online

March 5 / $20

Two headliners take over our virtual showroom! Presented through Zoom. For this event, only one ticket is required per household.

Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee

March 26-28 / $20-$25

Rescheduled from October. Crashing on HBO, Conan, MTV, The Late Late Show, Weddiculous

Doug Benson

Doug Benson

April 10 @ 4:20 / $22

Rescheduled from October. Special event! Stand-up from the star of Getting Doug With High and more.

Doug Benson

Doug Loves Movies

April 11 @ 4:20 / $22

Rescheduled from October. Doug Benson once again returns to the Improv stage to record an episode of his hit podcast. Bring a name tag!

Jared Freid

Jared Freid

April 22-25 / $22-$25

Rescheduled from December. JTrain podcast, U Up podcast, MTV, NBC, Just For Laughs, The Today Show



May 13-16 / $25

Rescheduled from October. In Godfrey We Trust podcast, SiriusXM, Showtime, Comedy Central, Zoolander, Bullseye

Pump and Dump

The Pump and Dump Show

November 10-11 / $30

Rescheduled from March 2021. Special event! The original "moms night out" show returns to the Improv