DMV Comedy Showcase (February 22) | Lounge

DMV Comedy Showcase

DMV Comedy Showcase

Great comics in our 60-seat showroom. Featuring: Katherine Jessup, Loy Lee, Jacques Kindle, Ariel Elias, Benjy Himmelfarb.

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Stand-up showcases feature excellent up-and-coming performers, many of them with ties to the DC-Baltimore area. (Every now and then we also throw in an out-of-towner for fun.) This show is in our 60-seat lounge showroom, and the comedians will perform for a total of around 90 minutes. The Improv's full food and drink menu is available.


Katherine Jessup 

Katherine Jessup hopes you like her comedy, but it's cool if you don't. (You probably will though.) Commanding stages with the winsome charm of your slightly too honest best friend, her comedy's been described as sublime, profoundly relatable, and also available for birthday parties. She performs around the country and hosts a dope podcast (Advice! with Dave & Kat).

Loy Lee 

Loy Lee’s comedic voice and unconventional point of view has been put to good use in the battle of the stereotypes and expectations of American Asians. As a child, Loy grew out of a stutter and a speech impediment and he finds pride in his wordplay and mastery of the only language he knows, English. He has been seen on Showtime, Fox and VH1. He has appeared with Russell Peters, Tiffany Haddish, London Brown and Paul Ogata among many others. Loy has appeared on many youtube videos that have amassed over several million views. He currently resides in Washington DC with his wife.

Jacques Kindle 

Jacques Kindle is a comedian based in Washington, DC.

Ariel Elias 

Ariel Elias is a comedian living in New York City. This Kentucky Jew made everyone laugh during her bat mitzvah. She is a regular contributor to Someecards, wrote for Jezebel, and appeared on Seriously.TV. She is a writer and performer for the sketch group All Female Reboot, parodying classic films if they starred women. Her podcast, Well Behaved, covers obscure women in history, and she can be seen performing at clubs all over the city, including New York Comedy Club and Stand Up New York.

Benjy Himmelfarb 

Benjy Himmelfarb is a Washington D.C. based comedian who has performed at the Kennedy Center, comedy clubs across the country & many dive bars that smell like old cheese. The Washington Post has called him "sardonic, Semitic", which is a frighteningly concise way of summing him up. Beyond standup, he can be found misusing his college degree to zing historical figures at the Time Machine Roast or cracking jokes about bug mating habits & space nerds on his YouTube channel. See a clip on YouTube.