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Brad Williams strikes back (3.15.18)

A chat with Brad before his headlining weekend, March 15-18. Important points include gazebos, Bed Bath and Beyond, and stabbing people in the throat.


Andy Woodhull steps up (3.14.18)

Andy makes his DC Improv headlining debut April 13-14 in our lounge. A fun conversation about step-parenting, long distance relationships and what goes into following a comedy dream.


Bob Marley, the Warren Buffett of stand-up (3.7.18)

One of our favorite guests is back in advance of his shows at the club March 8-11, 2018. He explains why he is the Warren Buffett / Albert Einstein of stand-up. Also we discuss waterskiing.


Jessica Kirson, pun and games, Bob Marley (2.28.18)

Jessica Kirson headlines the lounge showroom March 2-4, so we say hello in advance. Also: a Pun DMV sample and a Bob Marley throwback.


Ringside with Jim Ross (7.24.17)

The wrestling legend brings his show to the club August 10. Here he chats about what the show means to him, President Trump's wrestling stint, DC's Dave Batista and more.


John Heffron pops and locks (7.6.17)

The Last Comic Standing champ talks about summer vacations, digital detox and (naturally) breakdancing. Catch him headlining July 6-9 ...


Beltway Pundits Sampler (5.9.17)

Check out these soliloquies from our May 2 pun competition! Featuring Dana Fleitman, Alex Snider, Gail Ballantyne, Rachel Gross, Libby Bowers and Aaron Schwartzbaum.


Clayton English takes it higher (4.21.17)

The reigning "Last Comic Standing" champ is back at the Improv to headline April 21-23. We talk about repping his hometown of Atlanta, the intersection of pot and comedy, and naturally which exotic pet he would want.


Mike Speirs rides the wave (4.10.17)

As part of our 25th anniversary celebration, we asked great headliners to recommend rising stars that DC needs to see. Bob Marley picked Mike Speirs, so we're getting to know him before he headlines the lounge April 15.


Ms. Pat tells her story (4.7.17)

We all dream about having our own sitcom ... but what are the actual challenges of translating amazing life stories into a TV show? Ms. Pat stops in to the lounge to share her thoughts.


Brad Williams thinks big (3.3.17)

Brad made his DC Improv headlining debut on March 2. The next day, he stopped by to talk about his path through the stand-up world, his upcoming wedding and more.


Headliner of State: Inauguration (February 20, 2017)

In January 2016, we asked a simple question: Who is the funniest president of all time? After shining the spotlight on 43 different men, we have our answer.


Headliner of State: Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 2017)

Lincoln might be the greatest president. Can he also claim the title of funniest president? Lincoln Prize winner Richard Carwardine spent the last several years researching and writing "Lincoln's Sense of Humor." He joins us to chat about Abe's remarkable gift for storytelling, his purposeful use of comedy, and the ways it affected his public career -- for better or worse. It's a thoughtful, joke-filled discussion about the humanity of an American legend.


Headliner of State: James Garfield (February 10, 2017)

James Garfield was an insatiable student. But did he learn to be funny? Todd Arrington, the site manager for the James A. Garfield National Historic Site, tells us all about the 20th president's personality -- and why Garfield's good nature helped him become a political success.


Headliner of State: Zachary Taylor (January 25, 2017)

Was Zachary Taylor the funniest president ever? If any experts out there know, they ain't talking. So on a very special episode, we're going straight to Zachary Taylor himself. Get ready for seven minutes of stand-up comedy from the 12th president.


Headliner of State: George H.W. Bush (January 17, 2017)

Would it be prudent to call George Bush funny? Bush speechwriter Curt Smith tells us about the 41st president's personality and character. We cover the kind of humor that Bush enjoys, the "rules" he lives by as a public figure, and how he uses laughter to manage relationships.


Headliner of State: Gerald Ford (January 2, 2017)

Tragedy brought Gerald Ford to the White House ... but did humor help define his presidency? Our excellent expert is Ron Nessen, an accomplished journalist who served as Ford's press secretary -- and who hosted "Saturday Night Live."


Tom Rhodes rings it in (12.30.16)

Tom's in town to headline the New Year's Eve shows, so he's back on the program! We talk about celebrations around the world, looking sharp on stage, setting up shop in L.A. and lots more.


Headliner of State: Jimmy Carter (December 20, 2016)

Jimmy Carter punched his ticket to Washington by running as an outsider. Could he make people laugh in the ultimate insider town? Our excellent expert is James Fallows, who worked as Carter's lead speechwriter for two years. (These days, he's an astounding journalist working at The Atlantic.)


Orny Adams brings the energy (12.2.16)

One of the best observational comics in the business stops in the lounge to talk about his amazing hair, memories of 20 years performing at the DC Improv, the "Comedian" documentary and more.


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