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About the DC Improv ...

All you REALLY need to know is that we're the best comedy venue in the nation's capital. But if you want some practical info about how this place works and how to get here, check out the pages below.


The DC Improv Newsletter

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What to Expect

What to Expect ...

Never seen a show at the DC Improv? Here's a walkthrough of the usual DCI experience, from your arrival through the start of the show.


Frequently Asked Questions

The bathrooms in the main showroom are by the scorching pink neon sign that says "restrooms." Duh. All the less significant FAQs are below.


How to Get Here

We're a comedy club, so getting there is actually only 10 percent of the fun. That's how fun it is here. Seriously, dress appropriately for fun.

Food and Drink

Our Menu

If you're going to be merry, you might as well eat and drink, right? (Plus there's a two-item minimum. Ahem.)


Performing at the Improv

It's a lot of work for us to figure out who's working at the Improv, so please follow these guidelines to the letter.


DC Improv History

Learn a little about Budd Friedman, Mark Anderson, and a tradition of laughter stretching back to 1992.