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Time Machine Roast

The Time Machine Roast

Great figures from history gather together ... and roast the hell out of each other. Join great local comics as they get in character to sling timeless insults.

October 4


A (totally real and functioning) time machine has gone haywire, and famous people throughout history are being transported through time to the DC Improv. What happens when historical figures share a stage? They burn each other with hilarious jokes, just like the roasts you've seen on TV. Watch some of DC's favorite local comics get into character (and costume) to play the roles of history's most famous figures -- from musicians and scientists to emperors and warlords -- and roast each other right in front of you. The jokes might be mean, but they're never too soon.

The Roasters

  • Ahmed Vallejos - Manuel Noriega
  • Cerrome Russell - James Brown
  • Benjy Himmelfarb - Tsar Nicholas II
  • Tim Miller - Chuck Berry
  • Denise Taylor - Ayn Rand
  • Linsay Deming - JonBenet Ramsey
  • Dylan Meyer - Leonardo da Vinci

About the Producers

Benjy Himmelfarb 

Benjy Himmelfarb is a Washington DC based comedian who performs at clubs and theaters all over the country. He has written and performed in online comedy sketches like "The Break Up" with Silver City Productions. He also produces a house party comedy showcase called "The Jewish Jews of Comedy" which he has taken on the road to packed houses (literally) across the east and west coasts.

Dylan Meyer 

Dylan Meyer is a stand-up comic based out of Washington, DC. Standing at 6'5", Meyer has always had a unique perspective on life, both literally and figuratively. His intimidating size is rivaled only by his teddy bear personality. Meyer's actively aloof nature serves as the tour guide through his past and present experiences, which he happily shares with audiences all across the country. Always living in the moment and thinking on his feet, Meyer is sure to say something you didn't expect and will never forget.