Main Showroom

Merry Murder

Murder Mystery Comedy Show

An interactive (and retro) whodunit from Die Laughing Productions, staring 98 Rock's Justin Schlegel, Rob Maher and more!

June 21


We've had a lot of people "kill" on our stage over the years, but at this show, we're asking the audience to solve a murder. "Back to the '80s" is a show by Die Laughing Productions, who brought us four great productions in 2016. This time out they've got a retro theme, and the laughs are gonna be even bigger than the shoulder pads as you help solve the crime that takes place to open the evening. The show features radio star Justin Schlegel of 98 Rock, Rob Maher and more.


Die Laughing Productions is back with another hilarious whodunit Murder Mystery Comedy Show. From the people who brought you “A Merry Murder Mystery” and “The Newly Dead Game” comes “BACK TO THE '80s." You are attending an event at Glenbrook North High School in Chicago, IL. Students, faculty and alumni are gathering to open a time capsule that was planted exactly 30 years ago. But a still unsolved murder case will transport you back to that time when gas was under a dollar a gallon and cell phones were the size of a brick.

This Ferris Bueller, Marty McFly and all things '80s murder mystery mashup stars 98 Rock morning show host Justin Schlegel. Joining him again will be comedians Rob Maher, Joe Robinson, Kim Ambrose, Tommy Sinbazo plus the show-stealing Erik Woodworth. However, the real stars of the show are once again, you the audience. Some of you will get to play parts in the show and all of you will guess who the murderer is. Guess right and you could win something bitchin’. Guess wrong and you’ll be a butt-head!