Main Showroom


Murder Mystery Comedy Show

An interactive whodunit from Die Laughing Productions, starring Rob Maher Erik Woodworth, Tommy Sinbazo, Kim Ambrose, Joe Robinson, 98 Rock's Justin Schlegel and you the audience.

October 25


We've had a lot of people "kill" on our stage over the years, but at this show, we're asking the audience to solve a murder. "Halloween Whodunit" is a show by Die Laughing Productions, who have brought us five great shows since 2016. This time out they've got a Halloween / horror movie theme ... throw on your favorite costume (Halloween or otherwise) and join us for tricks and treats.


Be afraid. Be very afraid. Die Laughing Productions is back and ready to scare up some laughs with Halloween Whodunit. You're on the set of a horror movie titled: The Friday the 13th After Next. Things takes a horrific turn and the movie set becomes a crime scene. Lights, camera, Murder! You will see dead people.

Halloween Whodunit stars 98 Rock’s Justin Schlegel, DC Improv favorites, Rob Maher, Erik Woodworth, Tommy Sinbazo, Kim Ambrose, Joe Robinson and most importantly, you the audience. This is an interactive spooky spectacular. One of you might even be the killer. Showing up dressed as your favorite ghoul or goblin is encouraged as are tricks and treats.

Eat. Drink. Laugh. Solve a murder. We'll see you October 25.