Comedy Kumite!

Comedy Kumite X

Eight comics from the DMV compete in a one-night stand-up tournament. With Nick Hopping, Kandace Saunders, Brittany Carney, Benjy Himmelfarb, Tommy Sinbazo, Mike Brown, Ahmed Vallejos and Shahryar. RUMBLE!

June 17lounge


Eight comedians from the DMV square off in a one-night tournament. Each match has two comics doing five-minute sets, and the audience chooses one person to advance. Pick your favorite and cheer them to victory! The Comedy Kumite has become a DC comedy institution, featuring some of the best talent from the local scene and crowning the first ever grand champion in October 2016. This edition features Nick Hopping, Kandace Saunders, Brittany Carney, Benjy Himmelfarb, Tommy Sinbazo, Mike Brown, Ahmed Vallejos and Shahryar.


Tommy Sinbazo 

Mixing a quick wit honed through years of improv comedy experience, raw honesty, and his own odd outlook on life, Tommy Sinbazo has kept audiences laughing for over 12 years. You’ll never know what Tommy’s going to say next-- mostly because he doesn't either. His high energy, often off the cuff act touches on topics ranging from relationships and childhood, to masturbation and crafting.

Kandace Saunders 

Kandace Saunders made her comedic debut in 2006 during a comedy competition at the DC Improv. Although, she didn’t win, she didn’t get booed, and people laughed. So for Kandace, that was enough to pursue a career in standup comedy. Kandace’s sarcasm, and quick wit, coupled with her ability to turn life into “extremely laughable situations”, has allowed her to become one of today’s fastest rising comedians.

Pat Riley 

Nick Hopping is a 21-year-old stand-up comedian from Richmond, Va., and recent graduate of George Mason University. He performs comedy all over Virginia and the Washington DC metro area.

Brittany Carney 

Brittany Carney is a stand-up comedian based in Washington, DC. She is a producer of the comedic lecture series Fale University, and a repeat guest comic on the variety satire Church Night DC. Other highlight experiences include 202 Comedy Festival, Nerdist's Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction Live, and Don't Block the Box.

Benjy Himmelfarb 

Benjy Himmelfarb is a Washington DC based comedian who performs at clubs and theaters all over the country. He has written and performed in online comedy sketches like "The Break Up" with Silver City Productions. He also produces a house party comedy showcase called "The Jewish Jews of Comedy" which he has taken on the road to packed houses (literally) across the east and west coasts.


Shahryar has been performing stand-up for 15 years. He's a regular at the DC Improv and other shows, venues, and events around DC and the rest of the U.S. He's been featured in the Washington Post and Voice of America. In the Washington DC Funniest Fed contest, he was a semi-finalist and The Washington Post’s online favorite in 2007. And in the 2009 one, he was runner-up. He was also a selectee in the annual prestigious Great American Comedy Festival (also known as the Johnny Carson Comedy Festival) in 2013.

Ahmed Vallejos 

Ahmed Vallejos is a favorite in the DC comedy scene who is really bad at writing bios.

Mike Brown 

Mike Brown, aka OlmikeB, first felt the nudge toward comedy in his hometown of Norfolk, Virginia. After serving in the United States Army for nine years as a soldier, he started hosting shows throughout the DC area. He launched his production company, OMBvision, in 2011, and he was a regular writer for "Da Jae Spot" and the locally produced “The Tommy Taylor Show”.