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Comedy Kumite!

Comedy Kumite: Champions!

The world's greatest comedy competition! Eight past winners of our stand-up tournament return for clash of champions. With Rahmein Mostafavi, Wendy Wroblewski, Natalie McGill, Dominic Rivera, Eddie Morrison, Tommy Sinbazo, Lafayette Wright and Violet Gray. RUMBLE!

January 27


Every few months, the Improv brings eight great DMV comics together for a one-night stand-up tournament. Each "match" has two comics doing five-minute sets, and the audience chooses one person to advance. At the end of the night, we have a champion. The winners represent the best that DMV comedy has to offer.

For this special show, eight former champs return to the Improv to battle for the title of Grand Champion! The best of the best will be duking it out ... and no matter which comedian is victorious, the audience always wins.

The lineup for January 27: Rahmein Mostafavi, Wendy Wroblewski, Natalie McGill, Dominic Rivera, Eddie Morrison, Tommy Sinbazo, Violet Gray and Lafayette Wright.


Rahmein Mostafavi 

Kumite Grand Champion: Rahmein Mostafavi. Rahmein (who won both Kumite 4.1 and the October 2016 Tournament of Champions) wins over every crowd with charm, comic timing, and charisma. He has shared the stage with some of the best comics in the nation including Artie Lange, Bert Kreischer, Dave Attell, Kyle Kinane, Finesse Mitchell, and Maz Jobrani. He has also been featured at some of the biggest comedy festivals in the nation, including Laugh Your Asheville Off , The Cleveland Comedy Festival, and the Cape May Comedy Festival. Rahmein has been seen on FOX, heard regularly on Sirius XM, and was featured in “The Truth About Money” on PBS.

Natalie McGill 

Kumite 2 Champ: Natalie McGill. Natalie is a Baltimore-born but DC-living comic who has performed in the Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival and has opened for acts such as Al Madrigal and Rob Cantrell. You can follow her on Twitter at @littlenightowl.

Dominic Rivera 

Kumite 16.1 and 16.2 Champ: Dominic Rivera. Dom is a New Jersey born and D.C. based comedian. He's opened for Patton Oswalt, Andy Kindler and performed at the Kennedy Center's District of Comedy Festival. A father and Air Force Veteran, he's armed with broad shoulders and a healthy dose of sarcasm, which he uses to share life stories about mental health, family and how he interacts with the world around him.

Eddie Morrison 

Kumite 15.2 Champ: Eddie Morrison. Eddie is a D.C. native who has performed standup comedy all over the metro area. His appearances include the DC Improv, State Theatre, and Magooby’s Jokehouse, where he was named runner-up at the 2015 New Comedian of the Year Competition.

Wendy Wroblewski 

Kumite 7.1 Champ: Wendy Wroblewski. Wendy is a math tutor and office temp from Gaithersburg, Maryland. She performs comedy all over the Washington DC metro area. She was recently a guest on the Betches of Comedy show in Washington DC, opening for Liza Treyger.

Tommy Sinbazo 

Kumite 10.2 Champ: Tommy Sinbazo. Mixing a quick wit honed through years of Improv Comedy experience, raw honesty, and his own, odd outlook on life, Tommy Sinbazo has kept audiences laughing for over 12 years. You’ll never know what Tommy’s going to say next-- mostly because he doesn't either. His high energy, often off the cuff act touches on topics ranging from relationships and childhood, to masturbation and crafting.

Violet Gray 

Kumite 18.1 and 18.2 Champ: Violet Gray. Baltimore's very own Queen LARPtress has been a mainstay on the Baltimore comedy scene for years. She has won the pearl Next Superstar Comedian contest and is proud to be North Baltimore’s ONLY Dungeons & Dragons player.

Lafayette Wright 

Kumite 11.1, 13.1, 13.2, 17.1 and 17.2 Champ: Lafayette Wright. His obsessions with art and expression fuel who he is both onstage and off. He has spent close to a decade honing his skills on the DC Comedy scene, and he now has a razor sharp act and undeniable onstage likability. See a clip on YouTube.