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James Altucher Show

The James Altucher Show

October 23 / $25-$75

DC Improv debut! James Altucher and Jamie Kilstein bring their live podcast to DC.


Entrepreneur James Altucher and comedian Jamie Kilstein are bringing their live podcast to DC's top comedy spot. "The James Altucher Show" has been downloaded more than 35 million times, inspiring listeners with the message of re-invention by "choosing yourself." The live show will be filled with stories of failure, stories of bouncing back and (or course) a lot of laughter.

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  • Price: $25 general admission, $75 VIP (preferred seating and post-show meet-and-greet)
  • Showtimes: Wednesday 7:30
  • Featuring: TBA

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We're in a world of shit. Incomes are down, prices are up, 80% of people hate their jobs, student loan debt is destroying our youth, artificial intelligence is stealing our spouses, and we're constantly screwing up our lives.

James Altucher and Jamie Kilstein have been broke, desperate, terrified and suicidal. Now they want to tell you about it. And the people and adventures they had along the way.

We all want to succeed, we want to reinvent our lives, we want to achieve our peak potential in the short life that's been given to us.

And we want to laugh. A lot. The average child laughs 300 times a day. The average adult...less than 5.

James, Jamie, and their occasional guests, will talk about their screw-ups, the times they fell to the ground so hard it seemed they would never get up. And they describe how they climbed out of those moments.

With 35,000,000+ downloads, many have been helped by the message of "Choosing Yourself!" If you let someone else choose what you should do (a boss, family, friends, colleagues, professors, etc.) the results won't be as good and you'll hate your life.

Don't hate your life.Live your life.

Oh, and we'll laugh a lot.

James Altucher

James Altucher

James Altucher has messed up. He made tens of millions of dollars and then spent and lost every dime until he was dead broke, lost his house, lost his family. He's started 18 businesses and 16 were failures. He turned down investing in Google when it was starting.

He came back. And then he lost it again. Five times in a row. He was depressed and felt hopeless. He came back.

One time he threw out all of his belongings and lived in Airbnbs for three years while building his current businesses.

He also does stand-up comedy up to five times a week and owns a comedy club. He's a ranked chess master and challenges anyone to beat him at speed chess.

He's written 21 books, several of them were bestsellers. His podcast, "The James Altucher Show" has been downloaded over 35,000,000 times. Some of his guests include: Richard Branson, Tyra Banks, William Shatner, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jewel, Tiffany Haddish and Mark Cuban.

He has a one hour comedy special on Amazon about to be released and is currently taking his podcast on the road.

Jamie Kilstein

Jamie Kilstein

Jamie Kilstein is an American comedian, podcaster and professional screw up. He has appeared on Conan, THE JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE, as well as Showtime, FX and the BBC America.

Jamie got his start opening for comedic greats such as Marc Maron and Doug Stanhope. He was the first comedian to appear on Montreal’s Just For Laughs New Faces and return the next year with his own solo show alongside Bill Burr and Patrice O’Neal.

He has performed all over the world from opening for Moby and Bad Religion at the Sydney Opera House in Australia to warming up the crowd for Sarah Silverman at the Paramount in Austin, Texas in which he received rave reviews from The Guardian, Time Out, The Scotsman and even the late great, Robin Williams.

Kilstein has released three comedy albums, as well as contributed to Funny or Die and The Onion.

Jamie just recently launched his new podcast, THE JAMIE KILSTEIN PODCAST, discussing various artists’ deepest insecurities and showcasing what he knows best, being a screw up.