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Huggy Lowdown

Huggy Lowdown & Chris Paul

July 25-28 / $22-$25

DC's very own comedy stars are back! The Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Donnie Simpson Show, Redskins Remixes


Two DC radio and comedy stars are back on our stage. Huggy hosts the No. 1 segment on the Tom Joyner Morning Show (along with popping up on Donnie Simpson's show). Chris writes for Tom Joyner, and his Redskins Remixes have become a football season institution. Their personalities are big enough to stand out on radio, and they’re even better live.

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  • Price: $22 Thursday/Sunday, $25 Friday / Saturday
  • Showtimes: Thursday 7:30, Friday 7:30/9:45, Saturday 7:00 /9:30, Sunday 7:00
  • Featuring: TBA
Huggy Lowdown

Huggy Lowdown

Huggy Lowdown hosts the number one segment on the Tom Joyner morning show, heard in over 115 markets across the country. He hits every morning at 8:30am EST delivering entertainment news and gossip to millions of Tom Joyner listeners.

Before joining Joyner, Huggy spent 8 years on the Donnie Simpson show on WPGC in Washington DC, where he was voted D.C.'s favorite radio personality. Huggy tours the top comedy clubs in the country, taking his live show on the road. Recently Huggy has begun making moves on to TV, satirically covering the Democratic Convention and Presidential Inauguration for the TV One station.

Huggy is now working on his own syndication evening drive piece for Syndication One as well as a TV pilot in the Talk Soup kind of format for cable.

Chris Paul

Chris Paul

Chris Paul is a writer for the Tom Joyner Morning Show, and a former host of “The Man Cave” on ESPN 980. He's also back on tour with Huggy Lowdown! Chris is the host of "Redskins Late Night" which airs on NBC-4 every Saturday night at 1:30am. Chris Paul is also known for his hilarious "Redskins Remixes," having done 17 seasons of 'Skins songs.