Gary Meikle

Gary Meikle

August 8 / $27

Lounge showroom. The DC Improv debut of the Scottish comedy star, making his first U.S. tour.


Once known as a just promising comedian, Scotland's Gary Meikle has climbed the ranks, turning into an international sensation. With his captivating stage sets and social media rants, Meikle has drawn crowds at clubs around the world, including the UK, Dubai, Spain, and soon the United States. Appealing to all audiences, Gary's real-life comedic storytelling has been the biggest attribute to his  success, and has resulted in more than 130 million video views online in just five months.

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Gary is a comedian known internationally for his viral social media video rants known as “Eyebrows”, “Hair Extensions” and “Dick Pics” which have earned over 125 million views in five months. From Glasgow, Scotland, Meikle captivates audiences with real-life, relatable comedy, and attracts the US audience with his accent. After discovering that 35% of his social media followers were from the US, Meikle decided a road trip to the US was much needed.

Currently Meikle sells out shows in the UK, Dubai, Spain, and other European destinations, and the US tour will be no different. Fans from around the entire world continue to be captivated by Meikle both online and on the stage, and his viewership continues to grow. Most notably, Meikle booked the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall with a capacity of 2,500 for a charity show supporting the Ronald McDonald House.

Over the years, Meikle has continued to grow his act on his real life stories, focusing heavily on his daughter Ainsley and granddaughter Gracie. Since Meikle is a live in dad and granddad, his material pulled from his life is what sets him apart. From his viral rant about eyebrows to his stage act about Ainsley’s first period, Meikle has no limits.

But before Gary was a comedian life was not easy. Meikle draws inspiration from his past. With a rough family life that finally came to a breaking point around age 10, Meikle returned to Glasgow with his mother and step-father. Through the years that followed, Meikle was kicked out of four schools, involved with gangs, and drinking heavily. After a falling out with his mom, Gary was sent to a children’s home where he stayed until he was 16.

16 and homeless, Gary resorted to hostels and friend’s couches. It wasn’t until a one night stand the year after that his life was completely changed for the good. The girl he had hooked up with at a party was pregnant, and she was keeping the baby. Gary’s daughter, Ainsley, was later born and become the full center of his attention.

From Gary’s interview with The Guardian: “At that time, people who knew me used to say I’d either be dead or in prison by the time I reached 30,” he says. “And I think they’d have been right. Ainsley gave me a second chance, a reason to turn my life around.”

Things didn’t work out with Meikle and Ainsley’s mom, who walked out of her daughters life when she was just 2 years old, leaving Meikle and Ainsley’s grandparents to raise her, once Ainsley turned 14 she decided she wanted to be with with her dad full time and she’s been with him ever since. Fast forward to today, Ainsley has a daughter of her own, Gracie and the 3 generations now live under one roof in Glasgow.

Through testing and trying comedy and taking a big leap to quit his job to perform weekly full time, Meikle has found success in the most unexpected career move of his life. Shows sell out internationally each week, followers continue to grow, and the viral videos just keep coming. Looking towards the future, Meikle is hopeful he will continue to make people laugh worldwide for many years to come.