Main Showroom

DC Comedy Showcase

Dylan Meyer Showcase

A showcase in memory of Dylan Meyer, with all ticketing proceeds going to the Dylan Meyer Creativity Fund.

June 28
  • Price: $8 general admission
  • Showtime: Thursday 7:30 (doors 6:30)


Every month The DC Improv is proud to host an open mic night featuring local talent in our main showroom. Many comedians call this area home, and we like to dedicate those nights to them. This month we honor the life of a talented star lost too soon. Dylan Meyer's untimely death on May 26 affected countless comedians and loved ones. To honor his life, this show features some of his friends from the comedy world, and all ticketing proceeds will be donated to the Dylan Meyer Creativity Fund. (Our thanks to Brian Van Gogh / Comedy Artwork for the image of Dylan.)

The lineup: Rob Maher, Cerrome Russell, Denise Taylor, Paris Sashay, Benjy Himmelfarb, Matty Litwack, Martin Amini, Lafayette Wright, Nathan Luft, Brittany Carney, Wendy Wroblewski.


Rob Maher 

Rob Maher is a two time finalist in Comedy Central's Laugh Riot competition, and in 2017 he was featured on “Hart of the City.”. He is a recurring guest on Baltimore's 98 Rock and is a regular performer at the DC Improv, the Richmond and Virginia Beach Funny Bones and Magooby's Joke House. Rob is also one of Armed Forces Entertainment's featured comedians. He's had the great honor of performing shows for our troops all over Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Japan and Egypt. Under the banner of Die Laughing Productions he produces murder mystery comedy shows.

Cerrome Russell 

Cerrome Russell, born and raised in Sumter County, Ga., started his comedy career 10 years ago while serving in the United States Marine Corps. He was first exposed to a broader audience as a cast member on the 2nd Season of BET’s popular prank show Hell Date. He has traveled extensively, performing at college campuses and military installations worldwide, as well as opening for Hannibal Burress. Cerrome Russell’s comedy comes in many varieties, including Off-Center, Truthful, and of course, Country. Follow him on Twitter at @CerromeRussell. See a clip on YouTube.

Denise Taylor 

Denise Taylor is a stand-up comic who performs all over the DC area. She's wanted to be a comedian ever since her fourth grade teacher called her a "ringleader" for distracting the class with jokes. Denise goes to law school now, where teachers are still frustrated with her. She loves two things: satire and attention. See a clip on YouTube.

Paris Sashay 

Washington DC native Paris Sashay is frank and fearless in her routines, tackling topics that range from the mundane to the controversial with style, wit and intelligence. Paris Sashay discovered her true talent for entertainment & food when she was just 6 years old after auditioning for a hot dog commercial. It was in 2011, when Paris first hit the stage that she immediately fell in love with the art of making people laugh.

Benjy Himmelfarb 

Benjy Himmelfarb is a Washington D.C. based comedian who has performed at the Kennedy Center, comedy clubs across the country & many dive bars that smell like old cheese. The Washington Post has called him "sardonic, Semitic", which is a frighteningly concise way of summing him up. Beyond standup, he can be found misusing his college degree to zing historical figures at the Time Machine Roast or cracking jokes about bug mating habits & space nerds on his YouTube channel. See a clip on YouTube.

Martin Amini 

Martin Amini was born and raised in Silver Spring, MD. In the past 5 years Martin has performed at comedy clubs and colleges across the country. Martin has opened for touring headliners such as Trevor Noah, Jerrod Carmichael, and Jermaine Fowler. Martins stand up material touches on what it's like growing up mixed in America coming from an Iranian and Bolivian background. In the past year Martin has appeared in the Washington Post, Complex Magazine, and Revolt TV. See a clip on YouTube.

Lafayette Wright 

Lafayette Wright’s obsessions with art and expression fuel who he is both onstage and off. He has spent close to a decade honing his skills on the DC Comedy scene, and he now has a razor sharp act and undeniable onstage likability. See a clip on YouTube.

Brittany Carney 

Brittany Carney is a stand-up comedian based in Washington, DC. She is a producer of the comedic lecture series Fale University, and a repeat guest comic on the variety satire Church Night DC. Other highlight experiences include 202 Comedy Festival, Nerdist's Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction Live, and Don't Block the Box. See a clip on YouTube.

Wendy Wroblewski 

Wendy Wroblewsi is a math tutor and office temp from Gaithersburg, Maryland. She performs comedy all over the Washington DC metro area. She was recently a guest on the Betches of Comedy show in Washington DC, opening for Liza Treyger. See a clip on YouTube.


Dedicated to the memory of Dylan Meyer in support of early childhood educators who are seeking resources to engage their students in a fun, innovative, and memorable activity where laughter is as contagious as learning.

Laughter, learning and developing our life-long sense of wonder; science tells us they are interconnected. Dylan Meyer was living proof of the ways in which humor can act as a powerful force for good. He understood that the teacher who could harness the positive effects of humor and creativity in the classroom is the teacher who would establish a joyful and accepting environment, improve a child’s learning outcomes, and level the playing field for every child to embrace their individuality and chase after a future of possibilities.

Dylan joined the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in 2015. Dylan quickly identified with the NAEYC mission of ensuring high-quality and accessible early education for every child and, lifting up the teachers who devote themselves to children ages birth to 8. His gregarious nature quickly gathered a group of friends, colleagues and admirers who depended upon his innovative and creative approaches to furthering our important mission. He was known to the staff and membership of educators for his commanding and engaging wit, colorful shirts and ties, wavy locks, out-of-the box solutions, practical jokes, and beaming smile. He embodied the spirit of developmentally appropriate practice that leads to lifelong benefits of curiosity, exploration, empathy, collaboration, and coloring outside the lines.

In making this gift to NAEYC, you are not only supporting creativity in early childhood education, you are celebrating Dylan in a very special way.