Daniel Weingarten

Daniel Weingarten

October 18-19 / $18-$20

Lounge showroom. A breakout stand-up / social media star headlines four shows. With Michael Blaustein.


Los Angeles native Daniel Weingarten is a comedian, actor, writer, producer, and host whose roots are in stand-up comedy. Recently, he's delved into the digital world where he's become a viral sensation, seeing his following skyrocket. With a multi-cultural point of view (he's the son of Mexican-Argentinean / Jewish immigrants), Daniel brings his audiences a fresh perspective on what's going on in his life and the world at large. He sold out a weekend of shows in our lounge in 2018 and he's back for more in 2019.

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  • Price: $18 Friday, $20 Saturday
  • Showtimes: Friday 7:30 / 9:45, Saturday 7:30 / 9:45
  • Featuring: Michael Blaustein

Official Bio

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A Los Angeles native, Daniel Weingarten is a stand-up comedian, actor and filmmaker.

The son of Mexican and Argentinian immigrants (both of whom are Jewish), Daniel has a unique perspective of the world, which informs his work.

Upon graduating from Emory University in 2013, Daniel moved back to L.A. where he worked a slew of survival jobs.

After building an online following through his viral videos/rants on topics that range from the social and political to how Mexican weddings are their own type of marathons, Daniel was able to find independence in doing what he loves while also miraculously getting the approval of his immigrant parents.

P.S. I felt super weird writing about myself in the third person.