Improv class

Chris Ulrich

Beginning Improv Online

March 20 - April 17

Four classes on Saturdays. Learn the basics of improv with instructor Chris Ulrich. Improv comedy helps people with teamwork and creative thinking. And best of all, it's fun!

Course Description

This virtual course will help people kick-start their creative mind, meet new people, and improve teamwork skills. It can give you great new perspective on your everyday interactions, introduce you to a new hobby, or even serve as a first step into the entertainment world. Best of all, it's a LOT of fun. This is the course where you'll learn the basics of improv. You'll also learn a number of games you can play just about anywhere, learn how to develop scenes and create characters within seconds, and learn exercises to help create "group mind" to better work and act together. Remember, improv isn't just for actors -- anyone from teachers to corporate trainers to anyone wanting to build stronger teams can benefit from the collaborative art of improv comedy. This class will be conducted online via video conferencing. Participants must have a reliable Internet connection and a computer or device with a webcam and microphone.

  • Saturdays, March 20 - April 17 (off 4/3), 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
  • Online class: Students must have a reliable Internet connection and a computer or device with a webcam and microphone
  • Tuition: $145
  • All classes are 18 and over. Once payment is made, there are no refunds, exchanges or cancellations.
Chris Ulrich

Chris Ulrich

Chris Ulrich teaches classes in beginning improv, advanced short-form improv and long-form improv. He has been performing since 2003. Currently, Chris performs regularly in a number of Improv troupes including Jive Turkey, Nox, and King Bee. He has studied improvisational comedy at the Uprights Citizens Brigade and The Magnet Theater in New York, Improv Olympic and Annoyance Theater in Chicago and Los Angeles, and at the Washington Improv Theater and DC Improv in Washington. Also, he has coached and led workshops for Improv troupes in the DC area.

Chris was a cast member in the DC based comedy pilot, Capital Gym, which was entered in the 2009 NexTV Pilot Competition and has appeared on the Food Network's "Dinner Impossible" with Chef Robert Irvine. He also serves as a consultant to Edelman Public Relations as part of its creative content team, leading creative strategy sessions to encourage new ways of thinking for Edelman client accounts.

In addition to Improv training, Chris is the founder of CU in the Moment LLC, a company with a multi-disciplined approach to educating clients about body language, personal confidence, and presentation skills. He is a media consultant who can frequently be seen on CNN, MSNBC, "Dr. Oz," Headline News, "Dr. Drew," "Nancy Grace," Washington’s USA Channel 9, and "Let's Talk Live," where he educates viewers about non-verbal communication issues. Along with his work at CU in the Moment, Ulrich is a senior instructor at the Body Language Institute. He trains executives, salespeople, government staffers, lobbyists, and small business entrepreneurs to use new body language to transform their executive presence.