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July 11, 2017

DCI Update: July 11

John Witherspoon

This Week at the Club

We kick things off Wednesday night when a "Five Minutes to Funny" stand-up class graduates. $10 admission for that show. Then John Witherspoon takes over the main showroom, Thursday through Sunday. All the VIP tickets are sold out, so all the available seats are $27 general admission. In our lounge, Happy Hour Trivia is back on Thursday night.

The return of Time Machine Roast

The roast is a fun concept: Local comedians get in costume and in character as historic figures, and they make fun of each other in front of a live audience. We did it in the lounge in April and sold out. Then we did it at Dupont Underground as part of their special comedy series, and it sold out there. Now it's coming to our main showroom on August 23. Tickets are $10 and they're on sale now.

New Classes

Summer school ain't over yet! We added a new section of Beginning Improv that starts August 22, with instructor Anna Bethel at the helm. Anna will also be teaching a Level 2 Short Form class that starts August 23.

Other New Shows

Comedy Kumite is coming back ... the ELEVENTH edition of our stand-up comedy tournament will be in the lounge August 19 (Saturday). We already have the comedians posted.


July 6, 2017

John Heffron pops and locks

John Heffron is headlining the club this week (July 6-9). But you can get warmed up by hearing him on our podcast. We're talking about summer vacations, digital detox, and John's quest (sort of) to become the world's next great breakdancer. Enjoy the conversation ...


July 5, 2017

Low Ticket Warning

DeRay DavisYou want a good seat on the Mall to see fireworks? You have to get there 12 hours early and box out. If you want to see a great show at the club, all you gotta do is get your tickets before we're sold out. Here are shows that are getting full (or are already sold out). Lounge is 60 seats, main showroom is 285:

The following shows are all sold out ...


July 5, 2017

DCI Update: July 5

DeRay DavisThis Week at the Club

We hope you had a good time celebrating America's birthday, and also blowing stuff up. This week at the club we've got "Last Comic Standing" champ John Heffron on the stage from Thursday through Sunday. It's $20 general admission for all shows. In our lounge showroom, we have a showcase of former comedy school students doing stand-up on Friday night. Ten dollars for that one.

Dupont Underground on sale

Tickets are now officially on sale for our second collaboration with Dupont Underground. On July 25, we're taking our pun competition, Beltway Pundits, to the tunnels underneath Dupont Circle. You can enjoy it as a spectator, or you can even participate. All the info and ticketing links are right here..

Class Schedule Change

We have some sketch writing workshops coming up in a few days ... but a change in the instructor's travel itinerary has forced us to drop one of the sections. SNL sketch writing is now available on July 15-16 -- the one available section meets from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

New Shows

We have rounded out our November calendar! Donnell Rawlings will be back on Thanksgiving weekend for something like the sixth or seventh year in a row. It's a holiday tradition and we demand that you be there.


June 28, 2017

Low Ticket Warning

DeRay DavisYou plan your summer vacation in advance, right? Well every trip to the Improv is like a two-hour summer vacation, minus a swim-up bar. Plan ahead! Here are shows that are getting full (or are already sold out). Lounge is 60 seats, main showroom is 285:

  • DeRay Davis (June 29-July 2): Let's start with what's available: As of this post, there are 66 seats left for Friday 7, 100 seats for Friday 11, and 49 seats for Saturday 11. The shows with the most availability are Thursday 9:45, Sunday 8 and Sunday 10 -- because they were all just put on sale yesterday. Everything not mentioned to this point is already sold out.
  • John Witherspoon (July 13-16): We're down to the last 100 seats for the Saturday early show.
  • Ryan Davis (July 23): This Sunday night show -- Ryan's DC Improv debut -- is now half sold.
  • Ringside with Jim Ross (August 10): If you want a VIP ticket (which includes a meet-and-greet with JR), half of those are now gone. 
  • Bert Kreischer (September 28-30): The Saturday early show is still sold out, and there are just six left for Saturday 9:45.
  • Dave Attell (October 13-15): We have 110 seats left for Saturday 7:30. The Saturday early show is just under half sold.
  • Gad Elmaleh (October 19-21): The Saturday 7:30 show is sold out. We have 50 tickets remaining for the Saturday late show, and the Friday early show has 75 tickets left.

The following shows are all sold out ...


June 27, 2017

DCI Update: June 27

DeRay DavisThis Week at the Club

There's only one person on our dance card this week, but it's a big name: DeRay Davis is coming to town for eleven shows. (That's not a misprint.) We start on Thursday and go through Sunday. Lots of these shows are already very full, so if you're going, get your tickets sooner rather than later.

Dupont Underground

Our collaboration with Dupont Underground -- the art space in the trolley tunnels underneath Dupont Circle -- starts tonight. Naturally, the show is already sold out. But we're going back to the Underground on Tuesday, July 25, and this time we're doing the Beltway Pundits competition. Tickets should be on sale at the end of this week, so mark your calendars ...

Schedule Change for August

Bryan Callen was set for August 24-26, but those shows are now being rescheduled. Our new headliner for the weekend is Michael Yo, performing as part of the Next Wave series. You've probably seen Michael as a correspondent on a bunch of entertainment news programs, or as a panelist on "Chelsea Lately." He's recommended to you by none other than Jo Koy (who has seven sold out shows this August).

More New Shows

Our November calendar is almost completely set. Late last week, we put tickets on sale for Rod Man (November 9-12) and also Bob Marley (November 16-19).


June 21, 2017

Low Ticket Warning

Back to the 80sSummer's here, so no one has to work for three months, right? That means more time for comedy shows. Here's an update on all shows that are trending toward sold out (or in some cases, the tickets are already gone). Lounge is 60 seats, main showroom is 285:

The following shows are all sold out ...


June 20, 2017

DCI Update: June 20

Russell PetersThis Week at the Club

We kick things off on Wednesday night with the latest murder mystery comedy show from Die Laughing Productions. Tickets for "Back to the '80s" are $17. The rest of the week? The main showroom is already packed with eight sold out shows for Russell Peters.

You still have options over in the lounge showroom. We're hosting another DMV Showcase ($17) on Friday night, and ComedySportz improv takes the space over on Saturday night. The 7:30 ComedySportz show is "all ages" (meaning you can bring kids) while the Late Night show at 9:45 is for people 18 and older. Either show is $15.

Kumite winners

We held the tenth edition of our "Comedy Kumite" stand-up tournament last Saturday. Eight comics came to our lounge and duked it out in a bracketed tournament. After the first show, we re-set the board, shuffled around the bracket and did it again. Congrats to Benjy Himmelfarb for winning the early show (Kumite 10.1) and Tommy Sinbazo for taking the late show (Kumite 10.2).

New Shows

We've got some more lounge activity on the way: Our next trivia night is scheduled for July 13, and there's a DMV showcase scheduled for July 21. Also, at some point today we'll put tickets on sale for the return of Adam Ferrara, November 2-4.


June 14, 2017

Low Ticket Warning

Nikki GlaserIf years of watching "The Walking Dead" have taught us anything, it's the value of preparedness. So ask yourself: When the zombie apocalypse comes, will you have enough comedy show tickets stockpiled to survive? Here's an update on all shows that are trending toward sold out (or in some cases, the tickets are already gone). Lounge is 60 seats, main showroom is 285:

The following shows are all sold out ...


June 13, 2017

DCI Update: June 13

Nikki GlaserThis Week at the Club

Our main showroom opens for business on Thursday night with the monthly open mic night. It's free admission (although the two-item minimum does still apply). Friday through Sunday, Nikki Glaser is in town to headline the club for a third year in a row. Tickets are $25 and we have five shows total.

The lounge showroom is also buzzing this week. We have trivia night on Thursday, which is free admission. On Friday night, in conjunction with Awesome Con, we're presenting Geek Night Comedy for two shows. And on Saturday the Comedy Kumite tournament is back for a tenth installment. All the Friday and Saturday shows are $17 admission.

New Shows

We announced some new Russell Peters shows on Monday, but the Thursday late show (June 22) is already sold out and the Sunday late show (June 25) is very close to sold out. There are also some new lounge shows on your way: We have a DMV Showcase on June 23 (Friday) and a Comedy School Showcase on July 7 (Friday).

Looking ahead, we now have a ninth installment of the Next Wave series locked in. Christian Finnegan recommended the New York-based comic Tim Dillon, so Tim will be here September 15-16 headlining our lounge.

Saturday Night Live sketch writing

In one month, the Improv's comedy school has one of its most popular annual offerings: SNL sketch writing workshops with Ali Farahnakian. Ali is a former SNL writer, and he helps you improve your work -- while also sharing his insights on how the writing process works for shows like SNL. If you've ever wanted to try your hand at comedy writing, it's a really fun way to get started. The workshop consists of three-hour sessions on consecutive days, and we have three different sections available from July 14-16. You can get all the info at


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