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February 26, 2018

This Week at the Club: Feb. 26 - March 4

Jessica Kirson

We're making some improvements to our main showroom, so there aren't any shows there until Friday. Then it's a sold out six-show run with Vir Das.

But you can still snag some tickets for our lounge, where Jessica Kirson will be headlining Friday through Sunday. She's doing five shows total, but Saturday is already sold out.


February 23, 2018

New Shows: Ismo, Science Comedy and more

Fun additions to the calendar: We have two more DC Improv headlining debuts coming your way this May. On May 15, Finnish sensation Ismo will be in the main showroom for the night. At the end of that week, on May 20, DC Science Comedy is bringing Dhaya Lakshminarayanan to town. We've got some video clips from each of them at the end of this message, right after that we tell you there's also another edition of Jive Turkey and Friends coming to the lounge showroom on March 15.


February 21, 2018, 10:30 a.m.

Low Ticket Warning

HodgetwinsIn case you think we're crying wolf with all these low ticket warnings: We're already sold out for our headliners in both showrooms this week, Thursday through Saturday. TESTIFY. Here are the other events on our schedule that are filling up. The lounge is 60 seats, main showroom is 285:

The following shows are entirely sold out:


February 20, 2018

This Week at the Club: February 19-25

Ali Siddiq

We're in a fun (for us) two-week stretch where LOTS of shows are already sold out in advance. This week, we're all sold out for Michelle Wolf in the main showroom (Thursday-Saturday) and Nimesh Patel in our lounge (Friday-Saturday).

Here's what is available: We have a trio of free-admission events. The first is an improv class graduation at 8 p.m. on Tuesday night. The second is our monthly Open Mic Night, on Wednesday. The third is Happy Hour Trivia in our lounge on Thursday night.

On Sunday, you can come see The Hodgetwins. Their early seating is sold out, but you can snag tickets for their 8 p.m. show ... for now.


February 16, 2018

New Shows: Christian Finnegan, John Witherspoon, Sheryl Underwood

It's never to early to think of summer! We have three club favorites now on the calendar for that season: Christian Finnegan (July 12-15), John Witherspoon (July 26-29) and Sheryl Underwood (August 3-5). We could type about them all day, but video is worth a million words, right?


February 14, 2018

Low Ticket Warning

Ali SiddiqThere is no better way to say "I love you" than the gift of comedy tickets. Here are the events that are filling up -- or in some cases sold out. The lounge is 60 seats, main showroom is 285:

  • Ali Siddiq (February 15-18): Both Saturday shows are sold out. At this time, we're also right around half sold for each Friday show and the Sunday show. (And remember, Monday is a holiday.)
  • Mike Finoia (February 16-18): These shows are in our lounge. Saturday is already sold out, and each Friday show is currently half sold (30 tickets left).
  • The Hodgetwins (February 25): The twins are doing two shows, and the VIP tickets are entirely gone. We're down to 71 general admission tickets for the 6 p.m. seating.
  • Jessica Kirson (March 2-4): Five shows in our lounge. Only 7 tickets left for the Saturday early show, and the Saturday late show is half sold.
  • Bob Marley (March 8-11): Now just 30 tickets for Bob's Saturday early show.
  • Make Up Party (March 11): This is a $5 show in our lounge -- only 23 seats remaning.
  • Jeremy McLellan (March 13): One night only! Jeremy's DCI debut is now more than half sold (130 tickets left).
  • Jim Norton (March 22-24): Saturday: 45 seats left for the early show and 95 for the late show.
  • Mick Foley (April 12): We are more than half sold for the hardcore legend. Just 96 general admission tickets left and 41 VIPs. 
  • DL Hughley (May 4-6): There are five shows on the schedule. All we currently have left is 29 tickets for Friday 7 p.m., and 59 tickets for Sunday 7p.m. All those are general admission -- VIP tickets are gone.
  • Margaret Cho (May 18-19): Saturday early show has 109 seats left. Saturday late show has 91.
  • Michael Blackson (May 24-27): This guy sells tickets. Lots and lots of tickets. The two scheduled Saturday shows (7 and 9) are already more than half sold.

The following shows are entirely sold out:


February 12, 2018

New Shows: Ari Shaffir and Andrew Schulz

You might have noticed two new headliners for the late spring. We are very happy to have Ari Shaffir returning to his (sort of) hometown for five shows June 1-3. We also rescheduled Andrew Schulz -- originally on our January calendar -- so that he's now here June 14-17. Some videos of Ari ...


February 12, 2018

This Week at the Club: February 12-18

Ali Siddiq

Another busy week ahead! On Tuesday, we have an improv class graduation at 8:00, with doors opening at 7:30. It's free admission, but the kitchen is closed. (You can buy drinks at the bar.) Wednesday is Valentine's Day, and we're doing a top-notch DMV showcase. The early seating is already sold out, and we have about 80 tickets left ($22) for the 9:30 seating. Thursday through Sunday we have the DC Improv headlining debut of Ali Siddiq. He's been through the club before, opening for Bill Bellamy. He's got a very cool Comedy Central special debuting this month, and we're excited for this run. Tickets are $20.

In our lounge showroom, you can see long-form improv on Thursday night with Jive Turkey and Friends ($5). Friday through Sunday, we have shows headlined by Mike Finoia ($17). We've seen Mike in the past on shows with Dave Attell and Big Jay Oakerson. Good times all around.


February 7, 2018

Low Ticket Warning

GodfreyThe groundhog saw his shadow last week, which means six more weeks of brisk ticket sales. Here are events at the club that are filling up (or already full). The lounge is 60 seats, main showroom is 285:

The following shows are entirely sold out:


February 5, 2018

This Week at the Club: February 5-11


We've got six distinct events going on this week. The main showroom is hosting comedy school graduations on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Tuesday graduation is for an improv class, and has free admission; the Wednesday graduation is for our latest stand-up class, and admission is $10. Thursday through Sunday, we have the excellent headlinerGodfrey. Friday and Saturday are pretty much sold out already, so snap up your Thursday / Sunday tickets while you can. It's $17 Thursday and $20 Sunday.

The lounge showroom hosts headliner Dave Siegel for two shows on Friday night, and it's $17 admission for either seating. Then we have the monthly ComedySportz takeover on Saturday. That means family-friendly improv at 7:30, followed by Late Night Improv at 9:45. Either of those shows are $15.


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