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March 20, 2018

Comedy Kumite 13: Jimmy Meritt

Jimmy Meritt

The world's greatest comedy competition returns March 31. Get your tickets ... and get to know your gladiators!

Name: Jimmy Meritt

Nickname: The Iron Microphone

Location of secluded training facility: Deep in the heart of a dying sun

Favorite intimidation strategy: I get REAL passive aggressive

Person whose approval I'm secretly fighting for: You. Yes, you, reading this now!

Do not joke about my: Anything, I am really sensitive. My therapist has told me on several occasions contests like this are super unhealthy for me.

Historic figure I'd most like to beat up: I'd beat up William Shatner.


March 19, 2018

This Week at the Club: March 19-25

Jim Norton

This week's magic starts on Thursday, when Jim Norton kicks off a five-show run. We haven't seen Jim for a few years so this should be great. The last three shows are already sold out, but you can get tickets for Thursday or the Friday early show. We're also hosting a late-night Thursday podcast -- Lovett Or Leave It will be in town -- but that is already sold out.

In the lounge showroom, we have a few student tour groups using the room early in the week. The first "public" shows are Friday, when we have DMV showcases at 7:30 and 9:45. We also have a Saturday 9:45 show with Porkchop Volcano, one of our favorite improv troupes. The showcases are $17 and Porkchop Volcano is $15.

The club is closed on Sunday.


March 16, 2018

New Shows: Frank Caliendo and Melissa Villaseñor

Added yesterday! We have one-nighters on the way with two excellent comedians who are known for great impressions. Frank Caliendo returns to the Improv on May 30, and Melissa Villaseñor (currently on "Saturday Night Live") makes her DCI debut in July.


March 15, 2018

New Podcast: Brad Williams

A chat with Brad before his headlining weekend, March 15-18. We talk about his life as a newly married man and a first-time homeowner, the joys of having a Bed Bath and Beyond guy, and what happens if you try to physically pick Brad up. Takeaway: Do not try to pick Brad up.


March 15, 2018

Comedy Kumite 13: Pearl Rose

Pearl Rose

The world's greatest comedy competition returns March 31. Get your tickets ... and get to know your gladiators!

Name: Pearl Rose

Nickname: Pearly Gates (because you are dead now)

Location of secluded training facility: Bathroom at Panera Bread

Favorite intimidation strategy: Wait in the car while you go into CVS, then when you come back and reach for the door handle I lock the door! And then unlock it... and then lock it again!!

Person whose approval I'm secretly fighting for: VISA, Mastecard or Discover

Do not joke about my: Credit score

Historic figure I'd most like to beat up: Charles Darwin, and I’d say “Who’s the fittest now??”


March 14, 2018

New Podcast: Andy Woodhull

Andy Woodhull makes his DC Improv headlining debut April 13-14, 2018, in our lounge. One month in advance, we're saying hello. Listen in for a fun conversation about step-parenting, long distance relationships and what goes into following a comedy dream.


March 14, 2018, 12:15 p.m.

Low Ticket Warning

Brad Williams It's almost St. Patrick's Day, but there is no luck of the Irish when it comes to comedy tickets. Once they're gone, they're gone, so plan ahead ... Here are the events on our schedule that are filling up. The lounge is 60 seats, main showroom is 285:

  • Brad Williams (March 15-18): The Saturday early show is sold out, and there are about 100 seats left for the Saturday late show.
  • Seaton Smith (March 16-17): These shows are in the lounge. Saturday 7:30 is sold out, and each Friday show is past half full (meaning less than 30 tickets available).
  • Jim Norton (March 22-24): Saturday is sold out. There are 25 tickets left for the Friday late show and about 90 left for the Friday early show.
  • Pun DMV: Remix (March 28): Only a couple of tickets left for the next pun competition in our lounge.
  • Rory Scovel (March 29-31): We've got 93 tickets left for for the Saturday early show. The Saturday late show is just about half sold.
  • Mick Foley (April 12): Now less than 100 total tickets remaining for our show with the hardcore legend of pro wrestling.
  • DL Hughley (May 3-6): There are currently 7 shows on the schedule. Six are sold out, and the seventh (Sunday 9:15) has about 25 tickets left.
  • Ismo (May 15): Less than 120 tickets left for our night with Finland's finest.
  • Margaret Cho (May 18-19): Saturday has 9 tickets left for the early show and 28 left for the late show. Friday's early show has 125 seats left, and the late show has 82.
  • Michael Blackson (May 24-27):  Friday 9 p.m. is now past half full. Saturday 7 p.m. has 80 tickets left, and Saturday 9 p.m. has 30 tickets left.
  • Bruce Bruce (June 7-10): His Saturday early show is now past half sold.
  • Craig Robinson (June 28-July 1): The Saturday early show now has 125 tickets left, and the Saturday late show is more than half sold. 

The following events are entirely sold out:


March 14, 2018

New Shows: Arsenio Hall and Tony Rock

These shows are months away, but they're both guys who sold out every show for their last DC Improv appearances. So plan ahead ... Arsenio Hall will be here August 24-25, and Tony Rock returns September 20-23. Tickets on sale now.


March 13, 2018

Comedy Kumite 13: Lafayette Wright

Lafayette Wright

The world's greatest comedy competition returns March 31. Get your tickets ... and get to know your gladiators!

Name: Lafayette Wright

Nickname: The Mandingo Flamingo

Location of secluded training facility: Jabari region of Wakanda

Favorite intimidation strategy: Drinking from juice boxes without a straw

Person whose approval I'm secretly fighting for: I FIGHT FOR ME!

Do not joke about my: 80s TV Shows

Historic figure I'd most like to beat up: Mister Roper from Three's Company


March 12, 2018

This Week at the Club: March 12-18

Bob Marley

We're open six days this week. Tuesday is already sold out (Jeremy McLellan in the main showroom). It's also looking like we'll have a big crowd for the free-admission Open Mic Night on Wednesday. For the rest of the week, the main showroom belongs to Brad Williams, who was one of our favorite DCI debuts from 2017. He puts on a great and memorable show. Tickets are $22 Saturday and $20 all other days.

Meanwhile in the lounge, you can see the next edition of Jive Turkey and Friends (long-form improv) on Thursday. The tickets for that are $5. The weekend headliner is Seaton Smith, a guy who started in DC years ago and is back to polish up a new hour of material. He's doing two shows on both Friday and Saturday and the tickets are $17.


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