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Whenever we get the chance, we talk to funny people about comedy and other stuff. It's all free for your to listen ...

Through the magic of the telephone we have TWO amazing guests! Gilbert Gottfried ( headlines the Improv May 15-17, and we got the chance to ask him about his legendary career. We also end up talking about Sea Monkeys.

Then we check in with medium Cindy Kaza (, who'll be helping us reach out to the spirit world on a special one-night event June 10. Cindy tells us what to expect when you see her show, and she also lets us know whether the spirits have a good sense of humor.


We're running out of tickets for the Loni Love shows -- all that's left is the 10:30 show tonight (Friday). So here's our last official bit of salesmanship: Today on the podcast, we've got feature act Mike James, a fine young man from Nashville, Tennessee. Mike tells us about his family, traveling with Loni, and his part in setting a world record -- for the longest comedy show EVER. Listen to Mike now, then hurry up and get some tickets so you can listen to him again later tonight.

Monday, 04 May 2015 10:13

This week in podcasting

gilbertgottfriedPlanning your procrastination for the week? We've already got two podcasts posted for you. First up is comedy writer David Misch, talking about his career and his upcoming presentation for Smithsonian Associates. Then we've got a "throwback" episode with Loni Love, who headlines the club this week. Plus, here's a rundown of podcasts by some of our upcoming headliners:

Monday, 04 May 2015 09:41

Throwback #1: Loni Love

Loni Love headlines the Improv May 7-9, and to get you in the mood, we're giving you this fun interview she did with the DC Improv when she visited the club in 2011. We talk about her upbringing in Detroit, her start in the comedy business and a few of her hidden talents. You can see Loni almost every day on "The Real," and she's one of the co-stars in the No. 1 comedy in America, "Paul Blart 2." Come check her out live!

David Misch ( is a veteran comedy writer. In his long career, he has worked on a Muppet movie, "Police Squad!", "Mork and Mindy" and lots, lots more. He's also a student of comedy. A few years ago, he published "Funny: The Book," a quick and funny survey of comedy through the ages. On May 8, Smithsonian Associates is hosting David's chat about the history of comedy. We're gearing up for that event by talking about David's comedy career and some of his thoughts on the nature of humor. A fascinating chat with a fascinating guy!

Thursday, 30 April 2015 14:48

Episode 17.2: Bob Hope springs eternal

In part two of the dorkiest DCI podcast to date, we're off to the halls of the Library of Congress. We touched on vaudeville in the Woodrow Wilson segment, and if you're talking vaudeville, you gotta visit the Library of Congress, home to the Bob Hope Collection. Hope started out on the vaudeville circuit, but he went on to become one of America's most beloved entertainers. We're talking to Daniel Blazek about Hope's career -- and the evolution of political comedy over the course of the 20th century. Check out the "Hope for America" exhibit in the Jefferson Building

Thursday, 30 April 2015 14:30

Episode 17.1: Woodrow Wilson got games

Comedy nerds, rejoice: We're talking vaudeville, history, and political humor in this special two-part episode!

PART ONE: Woodrow Wilson House, just a mile from the DC Improv, is the last home that the president lived in. ( They do a great "vintage game night" once a month, and we got executive director Robert Enholm to tell us about it. And naturally, we also get into Wilson's personal sense of humor and his passion for vaudeville, one of the forerunners of modern stand-up comedy.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015 15:08

This week in podcasting

gilbertgottfriedWe had Rory Scovel on the DCI podcast last Friday, talking about the DC scene and adventures in experimental comedy. We're hoping to have Jon Dore at the end of the week. In the meantime, here's a rundown of podcasts by some of our upcoming headliners:

Thursday, 23 April 2015 15:40

Episode 16: Rory Scovel tries something new

Rory Scovel got his comedy start in Washington, but he belongs to the world now: His bold and creative approach has taken him global. Rory is famous for doing some stunningly inventive things with stand-up, such as performing a whole show in a German accent, bringing audience members on stage to soundtrack his act with a piano, and crowdsurfing while telling a joke.

In town to headline the Improv 4/23 to 4/25, Rory talks to us about the DC scene, how some of his comedy experiments came to be, and the value of an "anything can happen" vibe. A must-listen for comedy fans!

We featured the Lincoln Cottage on our Lincoln Deathaversary podcast a few weeks ago. Today we got word that our amigos there are hosting a "cottage conversation" May 21 on the history of political cartoons and the dangers of censorship in the modern world. They've got the cartoonist for Politico and the author of a new book on the history of Puck. Here's a link if you're interested in attending.

And what the heck, here's another link, to our podcast on cartooning with Jason Chatfield.

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