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Wednesday, 19 October 2016 10:19

This week in podcasting

Jessimae PelusoHey, you seem like the kind of person who does all their work way in advance and can listen to podcasts at your desk. Here are the latest episodes from our upcoming headliners:

  • Christina Pazsitzky (December 9-10): "That's Deep Bro" touches on comedy and philosophy. In her October 18 episode, Christina talks to Kevin Christy (who plays Lester on "Masters of Sex") about grief and recovery.
  • Tom Rhodes (December 29-31): The world's most wordly comedian talks to Ramy Yousef on the lastest "Tom Rhodes Radio."
  • Bryan Callen (January 12-14): If you like combat sports, definitely check out "The Fighter and the Kid" with Bryan and a former UFC heavyweight. The October 17 episode: "Brendan and Bryan get back in the studio to discuss Georges St-Pierre's departure from the UFC, the new show Brendan is working on and much more." 
  • Gilbert Gottfried (February 2-4): Admit it, you'd pay to hear Gilbert read the phone book. But you can also hear him for free, talking to actor Joe Pantoliano on the October 17 "Amazing Colossal Podcast."
  • Brad Williams (March 2-5): The October 17 episode of "About Last Night" (hosted by Brad and fellow comedian Adam Ray) features Carlie Craig from the new "MADtv."
  • Tom Segura (March 23-26): There is never a shortage of "Your Mom's House." Which also features Christina Pazsitzky, by the way.
Friday, 16 September 2016 15:15

Episode 60: Brian McDaniel brings it home

For eight years, Brian was one of the funniest guys on "TMZ." But the last few years, he's been branching out from that gig to acting, parenting, AND stand-up comedy.

The PG County native talks to us about his very eclectic and very cool career in the entertainment industry. Have a listen, then come to the DC Improv lounge on November 12 to see Brian headline.


Tuesday, 13 September 2016 00:00

Episode 59: Tony Perkins laughs it up

You know Tony Perkins from his work on Fox 5 and "Good Morning America." You've heard him on "The Tony Perkins Show" podcast, which tapes live at the Improv on October 8.

But did you know that Tony worked for a decade as a stand-up comedian? He stops into the Improv to tell us about his experiences on the comedy stage -- and whether he'll ever do it again.

Wednesday, 07 September 2016 21:28

Episode 58: Sean Patton branches out

Sean Patton makes his DC Improv headlining debut on September 29, closing out our DC Beer Week celebration with DC Brau. So we got him on the phone to say hi, tell us about his amazing comedic storytelling powers and share a drinking story.

Check out this chat, then get your tickets for 9/29 ...

Thursday, 01 September 2016 11:39

Episode 57: Roy Wood Jr. puts in the work

Lots of people know Roy Wood Jr. from "The Daily Show," but that's only the latest phase of his career. He's one of the great working road comics, who spent his 20s driving hundreds of thousands of miles to comedy gigs around the South and Midwest.

Now that the road has brought him to the DC Improv (headlining September 2-4) he tells us about his experiences, and how they shaped the comedy he's producing today.

Tony Roberts is one of the most purely entertaining headliners in the game ... and we've got him back headlining for a second year in a row (July 28-31).

On Friday morning, Tony and feature act Katrina Pope came by the club for another podcast interview ... or more accurately, we turned the mics on and Tony and Katrina took over. Lots of fun talking about hot dogs, live music, favorite comics and more.

Have a listen, then catch them at the club this weekend!

Big Jay Oakerson headlines the club May 13-15. We asked him to do a podcast, and true to his style of comedy he just sat down and started having a conversation. It's pretty amazing to watch the tightrope act live ... you get a unique comedy experience show after show.

Also chatting: feature act Mike Finoia, who is Jay's buddy (and roommate). We talk about the Philly scene, what got them into comedy, and Jay's upcoming Comedy Central special.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016 10:57

Episode 54: Medium Cindy Kaza studies up

When you work in a specialized field, you ALWAYS have to keep on learning new job skills... even if you're a medium! Cindy Kaza returns to the podcast to tell us about her travels to Indonesia, as she tries to understand mediumship and spiritual connections in other parts of the world.

Cindy is back on our stage May 4!

Monday, 25 April 2016 20:45

Episode 53: Ian Bagg drops the gloves

Ian Bagg is one of the great road warriors of comedy -- stand-up has allowed him to circle the globe. The road brings him to DC May 5-8, so we're catching up with him before he gets to town.

Ian tells us how his experiences playing hockey helped shape his humor, shares his thoughts on chatting with an audience, and gives us some more perspective on "Last Comic Standing." (He was a top 5 finalist in 2015, and you gotta hear what the tour bus was like.) Have a listen, then check him out at the club next week ...

Thursday, 14 April 2016 09:30

Happy Lincoln Deathaversary!

On April 14, 1865, Abraham Lincoln went to see a comedy show in DC. It didn't end well. But it DID give us a reason in 2015 to produce a podcast episode about Lincoln, his attempts to relax, and the comedy show he went to see. Hey, it's probably a slow day at work ... have a listen!

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