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Friday, 02 December 2016 13:51

Episode 64: Orny Adams brings the energy

Orny Adams, one of the best observational comics in the business, headlines the Improv December 2-4. He stops in the lounge to talk about his amazing hair, memories of 20 years performing at the DC Improv, the "Comedian" documentary and more.

Stick around to the end for an amazingly cool story about the December 1 show.

Thursday, 01 December 2016 14:26

Comedy Kumite 8: Denise Taylor

The world's most deadliest stand-up tournament returns on January 14, which means you need to start meeting the combatants ... GET TO KNOW THEM!

Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

Nickname: Denidenitaytay, De-Nice, Denizen, Sneeze, Shady D

Unspeakable Rage Triggered By: People who have different beliefs than me

Title of Inspirational Biopic About My Life: Almost Too Famous

Preferred Job in the Zombie Apocalypse: I start a business where I get people to turn in spare limbs they find on the street for 5 cents each like they're soda tabs, then I "flip" those limbs and sell them to other zombies for much more than that

Other Than Comedy, Most Competitive At: Yelling out Jeopardy answers after Alex Trebek already said them

My Only Weakness Is My Love Of: Attention

Wednesday, 30 November 2016 13:17

(almost) SOLD OUT

Orny AdamsThis holiday season, give yourself the gift of comedy tickets. Just don't disappoint yourself by waiting too long and finding out the show you wanted is sold out. We'd hate to see you argue with you. Here are shows that are getting full (or are already full). Lounge is 60 seats, main showroom is 285:

The following shows are entirely sold out:

Wednesday, 30 November 2016 12:56

Headliner of State: Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt believed in "the strenuous life," and part of that was the strain of having so damn much fun. Wherever TR went, laughter was sure to follow.

Joe Wiegand ( is our excellent expert. As a "reprisor," Joe transforms himself into the president to educate and entertain audiences all over the country. (Performance is in his blood -- his dad is the legendary "saloon comic" Jim Wiggins.) He's got great insight into TR's "machismo" based storytelling, his infectious personality and his role in the evolution of presidential humor.

Have a listen -- you'll be deeeeeelighted.

Joe Wiegand's website

Jim Wiggins

MUSIC: Hail Columbia, "Teddy's Boogie Woogie" by Teddy Powell and His Orchestra, "Moose the Mooche" by the Charlie Parker Septet.

Monday, 28 November 2016 14:27

DCI Update: November 28

This Week at the Club ...

Lots going on at the Improv this week. Wednesday night we have our free-admission Open Mic, featuring local talent. (Two-item minimum once you're in the showroom, though, so be aware of that.) Thursday through Sunday, we have Orny Adams headlining the main showroom. He was our New Year's entertainment last year and it's good to have him back on the town. It's a VERY fun show, so if you're looking for good times on short notice, keep Orny in mind.

Over in the lounge, there's a Comedy School Showcase on Friday night, and then ComedySportz improv events on Saturday night. The early show on Saturday is all-ages if you want to bring someone who's under the age of 18.



We have a lineup for our January 14 Comedy Kumite in the lounge. Franqi French, Josh Kuderna, Ross Benoit, Jheisson Nuñez, Eddie Morrison, Pat Riley, Denise Taylor and Jesse Thomas. 

Also, this week we'll be adding another show to our Next Wave series, where some of our favorite headliners recommend rising talent to you. John Oliver has given the nod to Jeff Maurer, so Jeff will be headlining the lounge on January 21. Should be on sale at some point Tuesday or Wednesday.

We're also happy to announce the next Beltway Pundits competition. We're back (for the fifth time!) on February 2. You can sign up to compete just by buying a ticket.

New for the Spring

Michael Blackson is coming back to the club, again on Memorial Day Weekend. We had something like nine or ten sold out shows his last visit, so maybe plan ahead. It's a long way off but we are expecting some packed showrooms.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 11:32

(almost) SOLD OUT

Donnell RawlingsWe're thankful for America's greatest comedy fans, who keep coming out to see the shows. Those people are the reason that we need to keep posting these low-ticket warnings. Love 'em. Here are shows that are getting full (or are already full). Lounge is 60 seats, main showroom is 285:

The following shows are entirely sold out:

Monday, 21 November 2016 11:01

DCI Update: November 21

This Week at the Club ...

It's Thanksgiving week, and the last few years that has been Donnell Rawlings' spot on the calendar. We're keeping the tradition going this year. Two shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (7:30 and 9:45 each night). Donnell comes from DC and started his comedy career here, so he's home for the holiday. These shows have sold out in past years so maybe plan ahead.

That's all we're running this week ... the next event in the main showroom will be the Open Mic Night on November 30. 


Around the web

There's a cool clip from "Project Dad," a new show on celebrity parents that features Donnell. Dave Chappelle stops in to give some advice on fatherhood. Check it out.

Jamie Lee makes her DC Improv debut this February, and she's got a new podcast. Here's the homepage for Best of the Worst.

Stay Classy

Big news at the comedy school: We just added a new sketch comedy workshop with Kevin McDonald of "The Kids in the Hall." It's a two-day class that takes place on a Saturday-Sunday near the end of February. He'll help you develop some sketches you prepared, share his thoughts on producing a show ... and then help you actually perform on the Sunday night. Yup, there's a showcase in our lounge that Sunday night.

Monday, 21 November 2016 10:25

Headliner of State: John Quincy Adams

Lots of people have given John Quincy Adams the title of America's greatest diplomat. But could he negotiate his way to the title of America's funniest president?

Biographer James Traub ("John Quincy Adams: Militant Spirit") is our excellent expert this week, and he tells us how Adams developed a personality to suit his work in foreign relations. We're also looking for humor in one of the most remarkable documents ever produced by a president: JQA's 15,000-page journal. Get a glimpse of the personality of one of the most interesting guys to ever serve this country.

Thursday, 17 November 2016 17:28

Headliner of State: Woodrow Wilson

You can't deny that Woodrow Wilson was one of the most important presidents. But was he the funniest president?

Andrew Phillips, the curator of the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum, is our excellent expert. We talk about Woody's famously complex personality, his love of wordplay and some of the unfortunate aspects of his humor. It's an episode a century in the making ...

The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum online

Thursday, 17 November 2016 13:09

Episode 63: Bob Marley has a field day

Bob is hands down one of our favorites, and he's headlining the club November 17-20. On today's podcast, you get 35 FREE minutes of Bob. We talk about his blown opportunity to be the craisin guy, the time he got run over, his advice for people planning to move to Maine, and his family vacations.

Great times with a great comedian. Come see him at the club!

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