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Tuesday, 17 January 2017 11:15

Headliner of State: George H.W. Bush

Would it be prudent to call George Bush funny?

This episode of Headliner of State, we're joined by Bush speechwriter Curt Smith, who tells us about the 41st president's personality and character. We cover the kind of humor that Bush enjoys, the "rules" he lives by as a public figure, and how he uses laughter to build personal relationships. Plus there's some great insight into the Bush-Reagan relationship.

Pull up your brightly colored socks and get to listening ...

"George H.W. Bush: Character at the Core" on

Curt Smith's website

Friday, 13 January 2017 15:42

Making Waves

nextwavesmallThe DC Improv turns 25 this year, and we came up with a cool way to celebrate. We're going to some of our favorite headliners from the last 25 years and asking them to recommend great comics that DMV fans need to see. The people they recommend get to headline one of our showrooms.

As this post is being written, the launch of the Next Wave comedy series is just three hours away, when Mike Vecchione headlines our main showroom. Mike is the choice of Dave Attell, one of the all-time stand-up greats. We keep things rolling next week with Jeff Maurer, as recommended by John Oliver ... and the hits keep on coming. As an added bonus, all these shows are $17 or cheaper. Here's the lineup so far ... come party with us and enjoy some fresh comedy voices.

Shows featuring rising stars, as recommended by some of our favorite headliners. Part of our 25th anniversary celebration!

Jan. 13-14: Mike Vecchione
recommended by Dave Attell

Jan. 21: Jeff Maurer
recommended by John Oliver

Feb. 3-4: Jordan Rock
recommended by Tony Rock

March 10-11: Sean Patton
recommended by Ari Shaffir

March 29: Rick Gutierrez
recommended by Gabriel Iglesias

April 5: Moreno & Robles
recommended by Gabriel Iglesias

April 15: Mike Speirs
recommended by Bob Marley

Thursday, 12 January 2017 18:05

Comedy Kumite 8: Pat Riley

The world's most deadliest stand-up tournament returns on January 14, which means you need to start meeting the combatants ... GET TO KNOW THEM!


Pat Riley

Pat Riley

Nickname: case number: 01G731Y

Unspeakable Rage Triggered By: small talk. Nice weather we're having? How about that game? Who are you? How did you get into my basement? Where are your pants?

Title of Inspirational Biopic About My Life: I Think This Fish is Bad, but I'll Finish It: A Redemption Song

Preferred Job in the Zombie Apocalypse: Waste Management

Other Than Comedy, Most Competitive At: Getting the most speed camera tickets

My Only Weakness Is My Love Of: The approval of strangers ... why, thank you, that was a good answer. I'm flattered.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017 10:57

(almost) SOLD OUT

Mike VecchioneNow that winter is here, it's time to hoard canned goods and comedy tickets. Here are upcoming shows where you might want to secure your tickets in advance. Lounge is 60 seats, main showroom is 285:

The following shows are entirely sold out:

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 17:18

DCI Update: January 10

This Week at the Club ...

Tons of variety this week, and all of it highly affordable. Let's start with the main showroom. On Thursday we have Open Mic Night, which is free admission. Friday and Saturday, the Next Wave comedy series kicks off with performances by Mike Vecchione (and his very intriguing feature act, Ben Rosenfeld). Those shows are $17. Then on Sunday, we're having a local showcase that's being taped for possible airplay on SiriusXM comedy channels. That one is $12.

Tom Papa

Meanwhile in the lounge, we have a Friday night stand-up showcase of former DC Improv comedy school students. That's only $10. And on Saturday night, the Comedy Kumite tournament (featuring great local talent) is back. Tickets are $17 (but the only show available is at 9:45).

New on the Schedule

We added a late seating for the Comedy Kumite on Saturday night, because the early one sold out. Hey, it's popular. Within the last week we also added a Valentine's Day Showcase and another local showcase in our lounge for February 17

But let's not bury the lede too deep. Tom Papa is back in May! We love Tom, and it's great to have him here as part of our yearllong 25th anniversary celebration. Also, Tom is here Mother's Day weekend, you can bring your mama to Papa. I hope you like that joke, because we're going to carpet-bomb our Twitter feed with it over the next few months.

Around the Web

Jamie Lee headlines the club February 17-19 as part of her book tour / comedy tour. She did an interview with Splitsider about "Weddiculous" that just posted the other day.

If you like video games or pinball, and you have five minutes, watch this. Especially from 90 seconds on ...

Wednesday, 04 January 2017 11:15

(almost) SOLD OUT

Sheryl UnderwoodWe're assuming that your New Year's resolution was to see more comedy shows. We'd hate for you to break that resolution, so here are all the shows where you might want to get tickets in advance ...  Lounge is 60 seats, main showroom is 285:

The following shows are entirely sold out:

Tuesday, 03 January 2017 15:25

DCI Update: January 3

This Week at the Club ...

Happy new year! We're kicking off our 25th anniversary year with a comedy legend ... there's a sold-out show with Dick Gregory on Thursday.

Sheryl Underwood

Friday and Saturday we get our annual visit from Sheryl Underwood, star of "The Talk" and a bunch of other stuff. Right now the only tickets available are for the midnight shows on Friday and Saturday.

25th Anniversary T-Shirts

Everyone at our New Year's Eve shows got a 25th anniversary t-shirt. Now they're on sale to the general public for $15. You could probably wear them to any occasion. In fact, if you choose to get married in a DC Improv 25th anniversary shirt, sent us a copy of the wedding photo and we will refund you the $15 you paid. That's a promise. Order your shirt today -- we have both men's and women's sizes.

More Beginning Improv classes

Our three sections of "Beginning Improv" for January are sold out, but we just added two more starting this winter. Theres a section starting February 22 that will meet Wednesday nights, a section starting March 4 that meets Saturday mornings. Registration is open now.

Tuesday, 03 January 2017 13:45

Comedy Kumite 8: Franqi French

The world's most deadliest stand-up tournament returns on January 14, which means you need to start meeting the combatants ... GET TO KNOW THEM!


Franqi French

Franqi French

Nickname: The Shiv, Frank, Frenchie

Unspeakable Rage Triggered By: Couples that put their hands in each other's back pockets while they're walking together.

Title of Inspirational Biopic About My Life: "Franqi Goes To Hollywood"

Preferred Job in the Zombie Apocalypse: None. It's the zombie apocalypse, I'm gonna relax in between the beheadings.

Other Than Comedy, Most Competitive At: Competitions. I'm def super competitive at competing.

My Only Weakness Is My Love Of: The Game

Monday, 02 January 2017 15:27

Headliner of State: Gerald Ford

Tragedy brought Gerald Ford to the White House ... but did humor help define his presidency?

Our excellent expert is Ron Nessen, an accomplished journalist who served as Ford's press secretary. Ron talks about Ford's character and his sense of what was "needed" from the president in the post-Watergate era. And we also chat about Ron's special place in comedy history, as the first political figure to host an episode of "Saturday Night Live."

It's an interesting look at an underappreciated president ... enjoy!

Friday, 30 December 2016 12:49

Episode 65: Tom Rhodes rings it in

When we restarted this podcast in 2015, our first guest was Tom Rhodes. He's in town to headline the New Year's Eve shows, so he's back on the program!

We talk about celebrations around the world, looking sharp on stage, setting up shop in L.A. and lots more. Have a listen, then come party with us on NYE!

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