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SOLD OUT! Produced by Laura Powell, hosted by Dana Fleitman, it's the DMV's pun competition! Come out and wordplay. Two ways to compete ...

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All puns intended! Come enjoy the Improv's pun competition. The night features two contests -- one where contestants write the puns in advance, and one where puns are made up on the spot. Win either contest and you can go home with some prizes. This event is hosted by Dana Fleitman and produced by Laura Powell, the host of #ManicPunday on Twitter and a veteran of the O. Henry Pun-Off World Championship. Admission is just $5. Got any questions on how this works? Zap Laura an e-mail (dailysuitcase [at]

Pun Battle (up to 10 spots)

Write a “pun soliloquy” –- a two-minute, pun-packed speech riffing on a single theme. (You choose your own theme; watch the videos for some examples.) Up to 10 people get to present their masterpiece, and judges will pick a winner based on quality of punditry, delivery and overall impression made. To compete, you must reserve a spot in advance. Use the form on our ticketing page to pay the $5 registration/admission fee, and make sure you’re reserving a “pun battle” slot.

The Punger Games (up to 24 spots)

The night ends with a quick-draw tournament, in which up to 24 puntestants face off in punder and lightening rounds. Competitors have to come up with puns on a dime, making 'cents' of a given theme. The last punster standing in each round moves on to the next quarter... or semi ... or final. Anyone in attendance can compete. You can sign up on site when you arrive.

About Laura

Laura Powell is the producer of Beltway Pundits. The veteran travel journalist first displayed her proclivity for punditry as a writer/producer for CNN, where her scripts for feature stories were regularly met with eye rolls. From such humble origins, Laura has gone on to compete in the O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships, where she notched a Top Ten finish. She is also the creator of #ManicPunday on Twitter and Pundit-in-Chief for

About Dana

Dana Fleitman is a Washington, D.C. comedienne who brings laughter to the joyless masses of our nation’s capital through her imaginative over-analysis of everyday life. Clever, sarcastic and generally awesome, Dana will merrily pontificate on groundbreaking and original topics like her cat, dating and eating. Dana comes from an activist and social justice background and is excited to lend her voice to less important issues.