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The Comedy Lounge

Shows and events in our 60-seat lounge showroom. No zebra-print robes or hookahs required. It's not that kind of lounge.

Dave Siegel

Dave Siegel

Tickets available for Friday 9:45 and Saturday 9:45. The 7:30 shows are sold out. America's Got Talent, CNN, ABC, Comedy Central

Sept. 30-Oct. 1lounge
Romane and Lettuce

Romane and Lettuce

Jokes with a groove. Avant-garde musical comedy from Jamel Johnson, Romane Walters, Jono Allen and Devin Campbell

October 7lounge
Tony Perkins

The Tony Perkins Show podcast

SOLD OUT! Tony Perkins and Gary Stein record an episode of their hit podcast in front of a live DC Improv audience

October 8SOLD OUT
Comedy School

Comedy School Showcase

Grads of our stand-up comedy class return to the DC Improv stage. Host Tim Miller is joined by Jonathan Gibbs, Sam Beamon, Gina Brown, Amy Chase, Matt Dundas, Kate Symes and Brian Walker (Twenty Dollars).

October 14lounge
Happy Hour Trivia

Happy Hour Trivia

The finest trivia night in the District, hosted by Chris White. Free admission! Game time: 7:05

October 27lounge
John F. O'Donnell

John F. O'Donnell

The Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival presents a one-hour comedy special taping directed by Fugazi's Brendan Canty. Shows at 7:30 and 9:45 in our lounge.

October 29Bentzen Ball
Beltway Pundits

Beltway Pundits

Produced by Laura Powell, hosted by Dana Fleitman, it's the DMV's pun competition! Come out to our lounge and compete. Two ways to play ...

November 3lounge

ComedySportz Improv (all ages)

Interactive, CLEAN improv comedy with the famous ComedySportz troupe. People of all ages welcome. Showtime 7:30.

November 5 all ages
Late Night Improv

Late-Night Improv

ComedySportz players stick around after their early show for the freewheeling improv of "The Blue Show" in our lounge. Ages 18 and up, showtime 9:45.

November 5lounge
Brian McDaniel

Brian McDaniel

A DC area native! TMZ, The Talk, Entourage, The Young and the Restless. Hear Brian on the DCI podcast

November 12lounge
Make Up Party

Make Up Party

Put a team together, create comedy on the spot and win passes to the club. Open to sketch, improv, stand-up or whatever!

November 17no cover