Comedy Kumite 9: Chris Lawrence | DC IMPROV | Comedy Club, Restaurant, Bar, School N.W. Washington D.C.
Monday, 13 March 2017 13:31

Comedy Kumite 9: Chris Lawrence

The DC Improv hosts the world's most deadliest stand-up tournament ... and it returns March 18. Get to know your combatants for Comedy Kumite 9!


Chris Lawrence

Chris Lawrence

Nickname: Randle. Apparently I reminded some of my friends during college of Jack Nicholson from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

Also Great At: Collecting Lego Dimensions figurines "for my kids".

Historical Figure I Could Take in a Fight: Roman Emperor Gordian III. He was 13 when he became Emperor. I'd still be the underdog.

Strangest Thing in My "Rocky"-style Training Montage: Playing Dance Dance Revolution at Dave & Buster's to build up cardio.

I Stay Humble By: Trying to help my first grader do her common core math homework.

Movie That Closest Mirrors My Personal Journey: Road Trip, specifically DJ Qualls' character, Kyle.