Comedy Kumite 9: Kasha Patel | DC IMPROV | Comedy Club, Restaurant, Bar, School N.W. Washington D.C.
Wednesday, 08 March 2017 13:24

Comedy Kumite 9: Kasha Patel

The DC Improv hosts the world's most deadliest stand-up tournament ... and it returns March 18. Get to know your combatants for Comedy Kumite 9!


Kasha Patel

Kasha Patel

Nickname: Kashi. It’s not a technically nickname, just a common mispronunciation so it feels like nickname.

Also Great At: Microsoft Excel

Historical Figure I Could Take in a Fight: Anyone who is lactose intolerant. My weapon of choice would be milk.

Strangest Thing in My "Rocky"-style Training Montage: An intense game of Ultimate Frisbee

I Stay Humble By: Peering through the window of a CrossFit gym

Movie That Closest Mirrors My Personal Journey: 21 Jump Street because, like Jonah Hill, I’m secretly in love with Channing Tatum.