Comedy Kumite 9: Donnie Sengstack | DC IMPROV | Comedy Club, Restaurant, Bar, School N.W. Washington D.C.
Monday, 06 March 2017 13:19

Comedy Kumite 9: Donnie Sengstack

The DC Improv hosts the world's most deadliest stand-up tournament ... and it returns March 18. Get to know your combatants for Comedy Kumite 9!


Donnie Sengstack

Donnie Sengstack

Nickname: "The Donald," but like not that The Donald.

Also Great At: I am a cross-country skier in the winter and a big hiker in the summer. I am great at drinking wine and making time for family and friends. INFJ. No hookups.

Historical Figure I Could Take in a Fight: Anyone from the first Night at the Museum movie really. I could take Teddy Roosevelt, Attila the Hun, Ben Stiller, you name it. Attila the Hun was a tough dude and I've never been in a fight before, but I follow Conor McGregor on Instagram so I should be fine.

Strangest Thing in My "Rocky"-style Training Montage: I have a pretty standard training montage; doing push-ups, punching meats, running stairs, sitting on the bus, buying groceries, putting on sweatpants, watching Netflix until it asks you "Are you still watching 'Americas Funniest Home Videos?" You know the usual stuff.

I Stay Humble By: I read the Buzzfeed article "13 Habits of Humble People" and I have numbers 1 through 7 down pretty good, but I am struggling with number 8 "Don't refer to yourself as 'Twitter's Bad Boy.'"

Movie That Closest Mirrors My Personal Journey: Easy, The King's Speech. As a person who stutters that movie is like the Passion of the Christ for my people.