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Ron Funches

Ron Funches

DCI headlining debut! "Undateable," "@midnight," Funny or Die

August 27-30


If you hear uncontrollable giggling, it’s one of two things: 1) People who are giddy to see Ron Funches. 2) Ron Funches. You usually don’t describe a grown man as cuddly, but it’s the perfect word for Ron. He’s a got a sunny demeanor, a cartoon-character voice and a body built for comfort -- and he uses that exterior to get away with saying some seriously funny, out-there things. We had Ron on our stage a while back with other comics from “Undateable,” and now we’re glad to have him back for his DC Improv headlining debut.


Ron Funches is a very funny stand up comedian with a unique delivery and lovable demeanor, you just want to hug and squeeze him like a big stuffed bear. His easy going, inventive style sounds the way fresh chocolate chip cookies taste. Ron performs stand up all over the United States impressing audiences everywhere.

Most recently Ron was featured as one of LA Weekly's Most Interesting People. He has performed live on TBS's “Conan.” He was regularly on E!’s “Chelsea Lately,” and Comedy Central’s “Kroll Show.” He’s also a frequent guest on Comedy Central’s “@midnight.” You can currently see Ron on season 2 of NBC’s “Undateable.” Ron resides in Southern California.