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The Royal Tour, Showtime, HBO, Shaq's All-Stars, "Everybody Hates Chris"

October 2-4special event


When he was born right here in Washington, he was called Nathaniel Stroman. Now, the world knows him as Earthquake. True to that name, he knows how to shake things up. Dressed to the nines, Quake has taken command of stages all over the country. He’s been a headliner on major stand-up tours (Laffapalooza, Shaq’s All-Stars, the Royal Tour) and a television star – he was Uncle Mike on “Everybody Hates Chris.” And more than two decades into the game, he still takes care of his fans by touring comedy clubs. We’ve got him back in his hometown to kick off October.


Washington D.C.’s own Nathaniel Stroman has a knack for gut instinct. ‘The way I approach my show is unique’, Earthquake says.’ I don’t have a plan, I just step on stage and it goes from there’.

Iconic performances on BET’s “Comic View“ made him a cultural staple of urban media. He then blessed the stages at HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam,” shot a couple of 30-minute specials on Comedy Central and BET respectively and gave a critically acclaimed performance on “One Night Stand” for HBO. He shook up audiences at Jamie Foxx’s Laffapalooza and was one of Shaq’s Comedy All-Stars in 2009. A unique voice, uncommon appeal and with a sense and sensibility that will make the brilliant feel dumb, Quake (as he is known by fans) rose above the laws of the land and continued to shake up audiences all over the world.

His breakout performance film ‘About Got Damm Time’, became an instant popular collectible and his ‘From the Outhouse to the Penthouse’ shocked the masses as he proudly captivated audiences the weekend of the first inauguration of Barack Obama. The remainder of his resume reads like a who’s who of stand-up comedy. He traveled the mainstream circuit blessing the forums of HBO’s Bill Maher (which made him the first comedian to receive a standing ovation on that show) Howard Stern (with Stern calling him his new favorite comedian), and “Chelsea Lately” to name a few. His most interesting looks were caught on trendy talk shows like “Weekend At D.L.’s” and “Baisden After Dark.”

Refreshingly charming with a pristine presentation, Quake looks as if he hadn’t been in the game for more than 20 years. His fans were excited to receive him as the unforgettable Uncle Mike in Chris Rock’s beloved “Everybody Hates Chris.”