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Doug Benson

Doug Benson

4:20 showtime. Dab Day with Doug! @midnight, Doug Loves Movies, Getting Doug With High, Chronic-Con

July 10special event


Showtime: 4:20. For the last decade, Doug has cornered the market on stoner comedy, with a goofy, lovable style that everyone can enjoy. He starred in the documentary "Super High Me," created "The Marijuana-Logues" and was even named the Stoner of the Year by High Times Magazine. He currently travels the land, performing stand-up and recording the immensely popular "Doug Loves Movies" podcast and "Getting Doug With High" web series.


Doug Benson (“Last Comic Standing,” "Super High Me") has been on an album-a-year schedule since 2008 (his most recent release being "Promotional Tool"), plus he has several popular podcasts (including “Doug Loves Movies” and "Getting Doug With High"), does the occasional film (“The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled,” "Chronic-Con") and makes regular appearances on “@midnight” on Comedy Central. Such a busy schedule for High Times’ 2009 Stoner of the Year.