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I wanted to take a moment and thank you for working with our marketing team.  They enjoyed themselves, learned a lot and STILL cannot stop talking about the experience.  It was really amazing for Stacie and I as their managers to see the transformation and to hear them chat with each other about how they plan to apply what they learned in work and their personal lives!  



Jennifer - Marketing Strategist Manager for Chipotle Mexican Grill

Last night went GREAT. Jeff was hilarious and everyone was so impressed with us for hiring him! They especially loved that he customized his set for our company, and our President really enjoyed talking with him/discussing the personalization prior to the event. Overall, it was a success and thank you for putting it all together for us!


Ashley - EYA
We had a great time.  Birthday boy was very happy.  And the Improv staff was really fantastic.  



John - Private Room Rental

You have a well appointed club.  Everyone had a wonderful time!  The laughter was infectious.  The show was fantastic and the DC IMPROV staff members/servers were professional, attentive, and efficient!

I will certainly return for a night out.  Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!

Sabrina - Jack & Jill of America

Thank you again.  I have to say, I have had other companies contact us in regards to booking talent for this event and I always tell them that I am happy with using DC Improv!  I am sure you get this a lot, but you are so helpful and quick to respond.  It is really appreciated.

Emily - Bethesda Country Club

Thank you for your help with the comedy show, it was a HUGE success J  we had a great turnout.

I’ll be in touch soon to plan our next one!

Lindsay - 1727 Golf Club

It was fantastic. Everyone enjoyed it and we'll definitley recommend it for future team building. Wheels were turning last night about which groups we can bring back.

Thanks for everything.


Janemarie - SRA
Just wanted to say thanks for all your help in bringing Tony to us for our event. He was a big hit with our crowd, and feedback on him was very positive. He was very nice and hung out for a while after the show as well. We will certainly reach back out to you for future events. Thanks again!

Daniel - FrontPoint Security
The event went well! As one person put it, ‘it was a breath of fresh air from all the dry meeting content earlier in the day.’ It was something different that folks weren’t expecting and I think everyone had some fun with it, especially the audience interaction pieces (nothing like seeing some office leadership acting silly).

Overall, definitely a lot of fun and glad we did it. Thanks for helping us coordinate this!

Alex - Deloitte Consulting LLP

I was just getting ready to write you all a thank you note for the amazing customer service and assistance you gave to our company yesterday. The DC Improv stop was without a doubt one of the main highlights of the day and you and your team made an awesome impression on everyone, so we thank YOU all so very much.You helped make our company event fantastically funny and awesome!!!!

Melissa - Resonate
The show was terrific. The guys did an amazing job and got a standing ovation from the entire room. Our CEO and executives especially loved it. I really appreciate all your help.
Meredith - Gannett Broadcasting
We had a great time...I received multiple emails in response to the workshop and everyone agreed it was a success! It is definitely something I would want to do again..maybe on an annual basis and would recommend others to try!

Thanks for all of your help!
Debbie - Northern Virginia Region S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co.
As always the show was great. Almost a sell out!
Jason and Al did an amazing job and both arrived very early so I was relieved. The material was appropriate and I was told that Al even changed his material when he noticed students younger than 13 in the audience. Thanks so much for your help. We couldn’t do this without your guidance and support.

Candice - Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse, Inc.
We really appreciated the event at DC improv and I think our team has benefited. i hear "yes, and..... around the corridors from time to time! Once again - thanks so much.

Jeanette - The World Bank
Thank you so much for arranging such a great line up for our Comedy Night. It was fantastic and we want to re-book for 2014. I have spoken with Paul and he is on board with another year as well. The other two comedians were great as well – Chris seemed to win over the members. We really like him!
Emily - Bethesda Country Club
It was great!! Thank you!! Danny...some people knew him from 106.7 and they all loved Erin as well. I can't wait to plan for our next show! I'm happy that it was another successful comedy night at Arora Hills!! :)

Noreen - Arora Hills
Hi Allyson! The event was great. I had so much fun and I think everyone else did too. Thank you so very much for helping me plan it.

Brittany - JBG Properties
The night went great. Both comedians did an outstanding job.

Anthony (Mass Electric Construction)
I thought that the activities were interesting, defiantly something that I didn't experience before. I am thinking about taking some private lesson in the future. (Corporate Improv Workshop)

Oxana, The World Bank
Thanks. It was terrific! (Corporate Improv Comedy Workshop)

Chrystal - AIPAC • The American Israel Public Affairs Committee
It was a LOT of fun – everyone really enjoyed it. Thank Matt, Conner, and Derrick (I THINK I got their names right!). They were a hoot!

Jeanne - Wellsprings Advisors
Hi Allyson, everything went very well – Jason killed it! Thanks for all your help along the way.

Ann - KippsDeSanto & Co.
Everything was great, Allyson. He was the highlight of our evening.

Melissa - KippsDeSanto & Co.
Hi Allyson. If we come into town next season or for anything else next year we'll definitely let you know. The Spartans had a great time in DC and that was partly because of you and your team and your hospitality. We had a couple of venue options and I know we made the right decision with your establishment. The staff was great! A special thanks to Melba and Luis for us please. And yourself. Thank you for cutting your holiday a little short and being there to help us out. Everything was top notch!!

Valerie SJSU - Winner of 2012 Military Bowl

We really loved Jeff. I think he did a great job and our group was a real challenge. He was very professional, flexible, etc. He also had good instincts about what worked for the group and what did not. My husband and I were laughing the whole time and many of my guests went on and on about how much they enjoyed him.

I told him we thought he did a great job. Happy to serve as a reference in the future and if we every need a comedian again, I'll defintely want him.


The night was a huge success, largely impart to the wonderful show the three of them put on. Paul was an absolute riot and the members really enjoyed him especially. He interacts with the crowd and moves around so everyone feels involved! They absolutely loved it! We will definitely be using Improv for next year’s event!

Lisa ( Bethesda Country Club - Senior Catering Manager )
On behalf of the employees at OMNITEC Solutions Inc, I want to thank everyone at the DC IMPROV for all of your hard work with our company holiday event. It was not only a joy to work with Allison and her staff, but they all made our job as coordinators an easy one. You were all courteous, professional, and attentive to our needs. From assisting with setup to coordinating the contract details with John Pinette, your efforts helped to create a truly unique and memorable party for all of us!

We've received numerous compliments from employees regarding the wonderful time they had at the Improv. Thanks again for everything!

Barbara ( OMNITEC Solutions, Inc. )
Shahryar performed a 30 minute stand-up comedy act at the annual dinner of the Association of Indian Muslims of America in Rockville, MD. The audience of about 150 people connected very well with Shahryar's comedy act and his jokes. In his rendition he interpretted daily activities of work and pleasure with very insightful humour that
made us think of those occurrences in a light that we had not thought before. With his jokes on the generation gap he enlivened the audience that was a mix of young people and middleaged people. His jokes on how immigrants are adopting to the US way of life was another rib tickling feature of his performance.
Mona Kaleem ( Association of Indian Muslims of America )
Hi Allyson, THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything. Jeff was great, terrific in fact! Huge hit. We all had a wonderful time. We shot him a thank you note to let me know we’d be happy to send a recommendation his way if he wanted.He was real easy going, personable, and fun to have around. Thanks so much for all your help and for putting up with my many emails ; )
Great event!
Stephanie ( TerpSys )
Allyson, Chris was fantastic. Everyone raved about him and the evening, even if they were a little too uptight to laugh at the time. I am sure we will be contacting you again.
Byron ( National Society of Plastic Surgery )
I want to thank you for making a great choice for a comic for our corporate party Saturday evening. Joe Recca was a huge success, and everyone left laughing. Please pass this on to him, as the staff is still talking about him this morning!
Kathy ( Hi-Tech Electric )
Thanks Allyson...I just got off the phone with Bob. He said Matt and Joe were great!!!
They had people laughing and crying! Thanks again for all your help and please send our thanks to Matt and Joe for making it an enjoyable and memorable night!
Sara ( Criminal Intelligence Conference )
Ralph was the best by far. He was hilarious! The audience loved him and asked for him to return next year! Many were impressed with his ability to do comedy without curse words. How great is that! My Board was impressed not only by his comedic style but also by his professionalism and charm. We enjoyed working with him. I’ll be in touch about next year’s selection.
Candice ( Coordinator , Calvert Alliance Against Group )
We had such a wonderful time last night. The service was great, and the girls got a huge kick out of both comedians. They were both so funny and poked a lot of fun at a big group of sorority girls, which was great. Thank you so much for all of your help. I'm sure well come back soon!!
Lauren ( GWU Delta Gamma Sorority )
We had a great time on Friday. The staff was very accommodating and the show was great. I know I was a little nervous when we first met about a comedy event but it turned out great and we will plan to visit again.
Amy ( Manager of Legal Recruitment & Professional Development )
That’s really exciting that students enjoyed the event that much!! This is something that
I would definitely like to bring back in the future!
Thank you!
Melissa ( Graduate Assistant , Programming-Weekend Initiatives, George Mason University )
Chris was outstanding. The event was great and Chris was clearly the highlight. He was on target, very funny, tied in a lot of relevant content to the audience and kept it just inside that uncomfortability line – when he pushed it beyond mainstream PG. He hung out with all of our employees afterwards and was hugely appreciated. I’d recommend Chris to any corporate group, or any other group for that matter, in a heartbeat.
Michael ( VP - Sales & Marketing , Fibertech, LLC )
Yes, we had a fantastic event. People enjoyed good food, good music, good company, a good cause, and of laughs. What could be better? I really don't think I could have pictured it going any better. Once we have a final tally for how much money we raised, I'll let you know. And, if you guys ever need a recommendation or some good quotes to highlight your rental space feel free to call on me.
Patrick ( Haiti Fundraiser )
Everything was great last night. I think the client really enjoyed it and it was just what they were looking for. Your staff was very friendly and helpful. The comedians were great. We all really enjoyed the female. She was very good. Shawn did a nice job running the show. Thank you very much and we look forward to working with you again.
Bret ( GEP )
Everything went smoothly. You staff were very accommodating and helpful…our guests definitely enjoyed themselves…thanks again for you assistance with this event.
Kim ( Associate Manager , National Capital Tour de Cur )
Chris was just phenomenal. He killed from the first joke to the last and was easily the
highlight of our show. Thank you so much for all you did in helping to arrange this. He is the best and so are you!
I got a couple of folks who might be interested in hiring him for their corporate gigs. I will copy you on the referral email I will send out. Also, please let me know if you need a testimonial. He was so damn funny and it was easily the best investment we made.
Thanks again.
Rick ( Executive Director, MdTech Division , Tech Council of Maryland )
Thank you Allyson.
Everything with the Event went very well.
Joe ( Mayflower Hote )
Thanks for sending us Chris. He was really funny and a professional. Not only did I like him, almost everyone at event went up to him afterwards and thanked him. He came in early, prepared and added a few last minute tidbits based on an upcoming wedding for one of our employees. Thanks again. I would highly recommend Chris for other events.
Koorosh ( MedImmune )
Everything went perfectly on Friday. Jeff was hysterical and was really able to get in and
play with the crowd. Definitely a success. I have done many corporate events ranging from local comedians, to Dana Carvey, and Jeff would by far be on my list of comedians we'd consider for a larger scale event here in the DC area.
It was a pleasure working with you and I appreciate everything you did to make that booking happen. I absolutely look forward to working with you soon!
Amanda ( Senior Marketing & Convention Manager , Argosy, a division of UCG )
I just wanted to let you know that we LOVED Rob and Jeff! They are both so funny, and very professional! EVERYONE LAUGHED the ENTIRE HOUR!! We are going to see if we can do it again this year sooner then later (maybe longer then an hour)!
I can go on and on about how much we all enjoyed ourselves but I know the best way to show it is to send you referrals and more business to DC Improv! We are going to try to come there in a few weeks, when Rob Maher is performing...and will also come whenever Jeff Maurer is performing.
Looking forward to working with you more in the near future!
It was indeed a huge success. Tony Deyo was really funny and he brought the house down. Everyone genuinely loved him. Give him a big THANK YOU for me. He did great.
I can't thank you enough for all you did for us and TWC -- which made our event memorable, effective and joyous! The venue, the staff, the talent and the good vibes were working on all cylinders.
Now with our "first" with the Improv under our belt we can look forward to other events with you as well!

Thanks again for everything!!
Patricia ( Payne & Associate )
Howdy! We had soooo much fun last night! Thank you for letting us play. Shawn was (as typical) great!
Victor ( Client Service Director , RedPeg Marketing )
Hey Allyson, the event was fantastic! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves from
start to finish. The DC Improv staff was very helpful, and Jason Weems was BEYOND a
hit. He really set the tone, unified the room, and kept us laughing the entire time. Please
pass on my thanks for his commitment to the vision, and my appreciation for sharing his
undeniable talent with us. Most of all, I would like to sincerely thank you for helping me
pull off what the bachelor described as "one of the best nights of his life". I know this
came about last minute, but thank you for opening up your doors to us. Being at The
Improv gave the event a sophistication and a realness that I could only dream of. My
gratitude goes beyond the words expressed.
Thanks Again!
Collins ( Bachelor Party Coordinator )

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