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Improv Team Building Workshops

What are Improv team building workshops?

These 2 ½ - 3 hour workshops focus on teaching Improv comedy skills (similar to TV’s Who’s Line Is It Anyway?) in addition to team building techniques. Team building techniques are not only fun but they help train in "group mind" to better work and act together. This mind frame will aid clients in future projects and career paths. Improv Comedy training is a great way to enhance skills in trust and confidence building all while having a few laughs. Not only is improv fun, but the principles of improv can be applied to a number of everyday business and organizational challenges, such as creativity, leadership, teamwork and respect. Improv provides solutions to these challenges by:

•    Demonstrating the power of teamwork and collaboration
•    Promoting trust among colleagues
•    Improving communication and presentation skills
•    Teaching "in-the-moment" thinking and building your creative muscles...

For pricing information or to request a quote, please contact Allyson at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Improv team building workshops are taught by Shawn Westfall or ComedySportz and can be held on site at The DC Improv or hosted at an outside location. Workshops can be taught to groups of any size.

About Shawn Westfall:
Shawn Westfall has been the sole professor of Improv Comedy at The DC Improv since May 2003. Prior too he taught four semesters of Beginning and Advanced Improvisational Comedy at the County of Arlington, Virginia's Adult Education division. Shawn Westfall has taught, directed and performed improvisational comedy for more than 12 years with a number of professional improv troupes. The exclusive teacher of improvisational comedy at the DC Improv for more than four years, Shawn teaches classes in beginning improv, advanced short-form and long-form improv, as well as improv workshops focusing on character, long form, and non-traditional improv techniques. His classes (and their performance shows) have been featured in the pages of The Washington Post, The Washington Post Express, Washingtonian magazine and The Georgetowner, as well on Washington Post Radio, DC 101, and WTOP Radio. He also hosts a popular monthly improv show at the DC Improv.

Not only has Shawn taught these principles to individual students, he's also taught improv as a strategy for organizational development to various public and private organizations, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization, RedPeg Marketing, Geico, Discovery Channel, Touchstone Consulting, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

About ComedySportz Teambuilding:
Comedysportz will help your team to:
Think quickly
React positively
Create Innovatively
Work together cohesively

Basic improv skills translate directly to the business world.
We offer on-your-feet training through laughter, experiential learning at its best.

No lectures.
Have you ever been envious of the quick-thinking and creative skills of improvisational performers as they work together onstage?

The average audience member says, "Boy, I wish I could do that." Managers say, "Boy, I wish my team could do that."

The skills of comedy improvisation - - teamwork, trust, listening, focus, communication, overcoming obstacles, creative solutions to problems - - are directly applicable to the corporate world. We teach these skills in our workshops and help participants apply them to their workplace in a way that is fresh, playful and FUN

Improvisors work without a script. They succeed by taking risks, thinking fast, saying yes, being spontaneous and working as a team.

Your team can do that and ComedySportz can show them how. The stresses and inhibitions your employees face when dealing with customers, making presentations and collaborating with co-workers are no different than the fears a ComedySportz actlete conquers by using improv skills.

Whether it’s creative thinking, public speaking, fostering group dynamics, acceptance of new ideas, or just learning to communicate more effectively – we can help!

The best part is, you will have a fun time together.

Let us help you to create the team environment you want to work in, by playing improv games while learning the crucial skills of communication, acceptance and teamwork.

Let's start thinking outside the cubicle!

Below are some testimonials:
"[Shawn Westfall is]...a bright, high energy guy..." -- The Washington Post

"Since this is Washington, that means that Westfall has taught a fair number of lawyers. To some it might seem he's attempting the impossible: teaching a group of professionals trained to be risk averse to take the plunge into spontaneity in front of an audience looking for laughs. As improbable as it sounds, the effort seems to be working..." -- Legal Times
"Shawn Westfall has a terrific ability to engage a class in a fun, entertaining and highly educational way. What I found most compelling about his approach was his ability to get groups of strangers to learn to work together, cooperatively problem-solve on the fly and to communicate and support each other in a superior fashion. These are exercises I would recommend for any manager who is attempting to improve teamwork, camaraderie, efficiency, and workplace engagement. Most importantly, it was incredibly fun! " -- Todd B. Rowan, Corporate Executive Board
"If you feel that your mind is going a mile-a-minute ruminating over all the 'small stuff' at work, you need a little housecleaning in the form of a class in improvisational comedy. Forget yoga, meditation or transcendental meditation: Shawn Westfall's improv instruction will help you remember how good (and good for you) it is to laugh and be laughed at." -- Rachael Loper, Capitol Hill

"Shawn Westfall brings life, energy and a wit-driven dynamic to the process of developing improv. It may seem that improv would have those qualities by definition and default; but the exceptional improv instructor is the one who nurtures each student's unique rhythms, humor and onstage personalities – all while fueling the intricate, magical dance of great group comedy. Shawn does that and a whole lot more. He makes you appreciate the difference between getting a laugh and being seriously funny." -- Donna Lewis, Washington, DC

“ComedySportz was superb in every way. They truly surpassed our expectations!”

“I have never seen our physicians and Board members laugh so hard. Several of them actually had tears running down their faces.”

“I was so proud to have brought such fun, clean and crazy entertainment!”

“Not only is ComedySportz made up of talented improv players, but working with ComedySportz has never been anything less than pleasurable.”

“ComedySportz’ positive attitude, high energy level and professionalism played a major role in making the event a huge success.”

“Many thanks for your flexibility, creativity and hard work on our behalf. I never fail to marvel at your versatility."


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