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Stand-Up Comedy: Five Minutes to Funny

*Sold Out* Sundays, January 8 - 29, 2012 from 12:30pm - 4:00pm plus graduation performance on Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The DC Improv is proud to host "Stand-Up Comedy: Five Minutes to Funny" as part of our popular school program "Stand-Up Comedy The Workshop Series". During this course, you will do hands-on training with instructor Chris Coccia.

Don't get fooled by the title, this class is not promising to make you funny in five minutes, this class is about helping you put together five funny minutes. Why five minutes? Because a tight funny five minute set will carry you through a comedy career from start to stardom; it will be your open stage set, it will be your audition set and it will be your spot on any number of late night shows, like Letterman or Conan. To that end, this class will be about creating and polishing that five-minute set.

My approach to teaching a comedy class is to act as a guide, helping the performer shape and develop their act. I will, along with the rest of the class, offer suggestions, critiques and even ideas for material but not create your act for you. This way the material and performance grow organically and the end result is an act that feels truer to the performer and the audience.

The performers will bring to the class a notebook with any material they have. It can be bits that they have already performed or premises for bits, or ideas for what they want to write and talk about or any combination of the three. During the course of each class the performers will take the stage and perform to their level of comfort and ability what they have prepared. The rest of the class will act as an audience. After each performance the class and instructor will offer suggestions and critiques in a roundtable format. This not only helps the performer but also helps the other students think about how comedy material is shaped and honed. The performer may be asked to go back up on stage to try a suggested change in a live setting. As the class progresses the performers focus will go from sharpening bits of material into putting them together into a cohesive and flowing set, also addressing stage presence and persona. By the end of the four weeks the performers should feel comfortable and confident in walking onto stage and performing a five-minute set.

This course breaks up into 4 weeks of workshops plus you will perform live in a graduation showcase held at The DC Improv Comedy Club. Register
Tuition: $295.00

To enroll, please download the registration form or pick-up one up at The DC Improv.

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