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SNL Sketch Writing 2 Day Workshop (Three sections to choose from. Choose only one.)
May 2 & 3, 2014 from 7pm - 10pm (FRI & SAT) *SOLD OUT*
May 3 & 4, 2014 from 10am - 1pm (SAT & SUN) *SOLD OUT*
May 3 & 4, 2014 from 2pm - 5pm (SAT & SUN)  *SOLD OUT*

This two day workshop is for anyone who has ever thought about writing sketch comedy for stage or television. If you've got the ideas and want to know how to build a sketch, this class is for you. This class will demystify what an SNL sketch looks like, what a "packet" for SNL or MAD TV consists of and what "readers" are looking for in a "packet." The class will focus on a commercial parody for the first day (which you will bring to the first class) and a two person/5 page sketch for the second day. As one of the only former SNL writers teaching in the country, Ali will give you a clear concise point of view of someone who has been in the belly of the beast in a fun and nurturing environment. Ali has taught this class to over 700 people. (Class limited to 12 people) 2 days-3 hrs/day. Register
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: Sign up between February 18, 2014- April 1, 2014 = $215
LATE BIRD REGISTRATION: Sign up between April 2, 2014 – May 2, 2014 = $225

2 Day Improv Workshop
Dates/Times: TBD

This class is for ALL Improvisers who are looking to fine tune their work. We will take everything you have been working on in the world of longform Improvisation and solidify your learning thus far. We will work on drills and exercises that will reinforce the vernacular of Improvisation that works consistently. You'll learn how to cut to the chase and get to what the scene is really about while focusing on active listening and reacting while serving the entire piece. Discover how to cultivate your own personal Improv Samurai, so that you will trust that Acting Like Yourself works. As long as you are entertaining yourself, you will entertain others. Nothing suffices like the truth, that's where all the funny comes from. A pot of cold water boils faster than a pot of hot water, if you agree and understand this concept, this workshop is for you. Class limited to 16 people, 2 days-3hrs/day Register

Once payment is made for a class, there are NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES OR CANCELLATIONS.
All classes and shows are 18 and over. There are no make up sessions offered.