Comedy School

Ever thought about trying your hand at comedy?

Then join our comedy school family! The DC Improv Comedy School launched in May 2003 with one eager class and thanks to them we multiplied that into several. Our classes have been featured (and the numerous DC Improv shows they've generated) have been featured in the pages of The Washington Post, The Washington Post Express, Washingtonian magazine and The Georgetowner, as well on Washington Post Radio, DC 101, and WTOP Radio. Today, over a 1500 people have enjoyed classes on improvisational comedy, stand-up comedy and more. Classes are available for all skill levels. Special guest instructors from New York and Los Angeles travel to teach along with local DC comedy celebrities. The school offers a creative outlet for those who enjoy laughing in addition to learning. Our comedy school family has spawned new friendships, new relationships and even one marriage with three children. So get ready and take the plunge into the world of comedy at The DC Improv. Click here for testimonials

Upcoming Classes

Beginning Improv Comedy
Sept - Oct 2014 w/ Shawn Westfall *Just Added*
May - June 2014 w/ Chris Ulrich *Sold Out*
Does "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?" make you laugh? More importantly, does it look like something you'd like to try? Not only is improvisational comedy fun to watch, it's both fun - and easy - to do. 

Harold Long Form Improv Comedy
July - August 2014 *Sold Out*
Picking up where the Level I class left off, the Harold Long Form Improv comedy class focuses on more advanced, abstract improv structures, specifically the Harold, a game technique created and popularized by Del Close, founder of Second City.

Short Form Improv Level 2
Sept - Oct 2014 *Just Added*
Picking up where the Level I class left off, the Short Form Level 2 Improv comedy class continues to focus on "cabaret style" improv games. Prerequisite needed.

Improv Boot Camp
Sept - Nov 2014 *Just Added*
Improv Boot Camp combines all the workshops offered by the DC Improv - Character; Advanced Long Form; Genre, Parody and Narrative; and Breaking the Rules - into one long ten week class ideal for those wanting a lengthier improv experience.

Level 2 Improv w/ Chris Ulrich
May - June 2014 *Sold Out*
Picking up from the beginning level course, this class will explore more in depth scene work and character creation using both short form and long form improv techniques. Prerequisite needed.

SNL Sketch Writing Workshop
Date: May 2-4, 2014 *Sold Out*
This two day workshop is for anyone who has ever thought about writing sketch comedy for stage or television. Taught by instructor Ali Farahnakian; one of the founders of Upright's Citizens Brigade and The People's Improv Theater plus a former SNL Writer during their 25th season.

Long Form Workshop
Date: TBD
This course will be an intensive workshop focused on the Harold format in addition to other long form Improv techniques. This workshop runs 4 weeks, for duration of 2 1/2 hours per class. Prerequisite needed.

Character/Scene 4 Week Workshop
Date: TBD
This workshop will focus primarily on exploring new dimensions of characters and utilizing these discoveries in short form Improv scenes. Prerequisite needed.

Stand-Up Comedy: Five Minutes to Funny
July-Aug 2014 *Sold Out*
Ever thought of being a stand-up comedian? Since 2004, The DC Improv has taught hundreds of people the art of stand-up comedy. Instructor Chris Coccia will guide you through this 4 week course; starting off with the basics and ending with a graduation performance showcase at The DC Improv.

Improv Marketing 101
Date: TBD
So, you just got back from the Del Close Marathon, and you and your troupe are suddenly energized by the prospect of new formats, ideas, things you’d like to try. Or perhaps you and your troupe are interested in finding an audience outside of other improvisors, or other than the same people who end up at your shows all the time. In short, you want to expand not only your improv horizons, but your improve audiences, too.

The People's Improv Theater Workshops: 2 Day Improv Workshop
Date: TBD
The DC Improv routinely brings in instructors from NYC for special weekend workshops in Improv Comedy.

Once payment is made for a class, there are NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES OR CANCELLATIONS. ALL CLASSES ARE 18 and OVER.